Which Home Designs Have Stood the Test of Time?

Welcome back to another blog entry from S&L Furniture! Last time, I discussed which details should be factored into the whole concept of home design. Today, I shall be looking at which home designs have stood the test of time.

In the history of the world, humans have always had trends or fads when it comes to the way the abode has appeared. For example, Greeks and Romans often had homes that were open with massive pillars throughout the property. As there was no actual way to get cool air into the huge estate, having massive rooms with nothing in it was the way they tried to keep things cool.

With the rise and fall of massive civilizations, the home designs shifted as well. To keep things as simple as possible, let’s just focus on modern home designs. Here are the home designs that have stood the decades and centuries of the modern era:

Home Designs


To anyone who is unfamiliar with a bungalow, it is a home design that has no upper or lower floors. It can be quite expansive and will usually have a porch to it. Bungalows are generally popular in South Asia and it eventually reached the western world.

I think bungalows continue to be popular because they are often quite inclusive and simple. It is a good option for families.

Home Designs


Generally referred to as a row house, a townhouse is usually narrow and can consist of several floors. These are popular in Europe especially in the 1800s when the population was drastically growing. Using townhouses meant that there would be more families with homes taking up less land.

I think townhouses continue to be popular because they can go as high as you need them to go. With proper planning, a townhouse can be a beautiful home with enough space for everyone.