What You Need to Know About Nano Diamond Coated Dies Manufacturers

Drawing wire can be used in many other products including television cables and electrical wire. You can also make staples or paper clips from it. It’s widely used to create springs for garage door and other high-tensile products. For making wire brushes and handles, you can use any kind of wire. Literally speaking, wire usage can be described as a vast amount of wire drawn each year by wire-mills.

Science Behind the Wire-Drawing

While wire-drawing may look very similar in many ways, it still uses a combination/dias to create wires with the desired gauge. Due to the demand for Nano Diamond Coated Dies, it has remained a highly profitable and cost-sensitive market. Wire Drawing is a process which reduces the cross section of a wire by pulling them through a series or dies. It also maintains its volume. This is a kind of forging that changes the shape of the metal over time without affecting its volume. This process can either be done at high or low temperatures. It’s called ‘cold worked’ or “forged” when the wire is drawn at a room temperature. This is when wire shapes change but other properties are not affected.

The Wire Drawing Process

The wire-drawing is simple. The process of wire-drawing is easy. You just need to place the coil or rod on the machine’s end and then move it towards the spool. To allow the wire-rod through the machine, its tip must first have to be flattened. Next, pull-ins dogs are used to move inlet wires around the machine’s drawing blocks. The wire is then wrapped around these blocks so that the machine can continue to automatically feed. The inlet wire is then passed though a series of dies, until it reaches its desired cross-sectional area. The coiler is located on the end of the machine. It rolls the wire into the desired shape. Sometimes, the coiler can be used to make the spiral. Next, the coiled cable is inserted into the barrel via a turntable. Once the desired weight has been reached, the wire rod may be cut with cutters.

To obtain the final diameter of the wire, multiple dies may need to be used. To ensure uniform cross-section, the wire must be arranged in series. Machine temperature must always be maintained due the heat generated by metal deformation. An efficient water system can be installed that continuously cools down and bathes your drums. A cool-air blower system can be used to blow cool, cool air onto the drums. This keeps the machine’s temperature down. Visit here: www.szwiredie.com

The wire drawing application poses challenges.
Little downtime.
High speed can be detrimental to a process and cause a lot of scrap and loss of revenue.
High torque control and speed control
This makes it economically feasible to complete the process quickly.
Different speeds and torque levels are determined depending on the material being drawn.

Drawing wire is made from a variety different materials depending on the requirements of the end user. Spring-steel applications often require high-carbon wire. Mild steel wire is frequently used to form metal nails. More info about wire drawing dies manufacturers, Visit here: www.szwiredie.com

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