What to know about chronic prostatitis?

There are different types of diseases and health issues that men & women of all ages tend to experience during their lives. Pain emerging in the pelvic region is one such issue that is faced. It also has different names, both layman and scientific. This particular condition is rather classified by two classifications, namely, non-inflammatory and inflammatory.

Symptoms & Signs experienced

There are several signs & symptoms to identify if the issue faced is chronic prostatitis or not. Recurrent pelvic pain lasting for over 90 days without urinary tract infection is considered to be the main symptom. The patient experiences unexplained fatigue, painful urination, and constant burning sensation in the penis region, abdominal pain, frequent urination and arthralgia.

However, symptoms might vary depending from one person to the other. It might also be misinterpreted to be a symptom for other conditions. It can be excessive or mild pain. It may also reach the rectum and back part, thus making sitting a painful task. The other key symptom will be unpleasant sensation during post ejaculating period. Thus it differentiates normal men from those suffering from chronic prostatitis. Some men are reported to experience erectile complications, low libido and sexual dysfunction problems.


This problem occurs due to interpolate occurring between psychological factors along with neurological endocrine and immune system complications. The person’s nervous, anxious or psychological features may cause pelvic tensing. This may lead to inflammation sensation, thus mediated by those substances that are nerve cell released. However, the pelvic nerves present within the nerve pathways may inflame other areas. It includes the testicles, urethra and bladder region.

The other cause cited for such health disturbances to arise is climatic conditions. Cold might make the situation worse while heat can help improve it. Hence, people residing in colder places tend to get affected with such health issues.


Over time, treatment for this particular health condition has enhanced significantly. Professional examination done by certified & experienced professionals can help treat this issue quickly and effectively. Moreover, such dysfunction can be prevented by leading a healthy lifestyle and preventing anxiety and stress as much as possible. Discussing with the professionals at https://prostatitisradicalcure.com/ can help you get proper and timely treatment.

How this condition influences daily lifestyle?

Patients developing such health conditions do experience lots of miseries both mentally and physiologically.

  • Patients suffer intense pain, initially at the genital or pelvic region. Then, it radiates slowly to the lower-back part, thus making seating to become quite uncomfortable.
  • It also increases urinary urgencies and frequencies. Bladder starts to swell, thus decreasing holding capacity. Night time urination gets increased that can be quite bothersome.
  • Patients also experience depression & anxiety problems. Inflammatory cytokines are associated with depression. It damages significantly the stress response system such that the patient finds it difficult to handle his/her stress resulting from this health issue.

Since it is a recurring disease, it is better to avail better treatment immediately by visiting a result-oriented healthcare professional.