What should you know about glass bongs?

The bong is essentially the circular carburation port which is situated at the front side of bowl. The bongs are made from a number of different materials such wood, glass and silicone. The glass bongs are very easy to clean since you can partially dismantle them plus these glass bongs also provide offer brilliant filtration owing to the various percolators. The glass bongs come in a wide range of shapes, design, sizes and perc functionality.

What is glass bong and its features?

The glass bong, also called as the water pipe, is the filtration device which is used for the smoking of tobacco or other types of herbal substances. In its functionality and construction, the bong can be similar to the hookah, except that it is more portable and smaller in size. The bong can be constructed from any of the air and the water tight vessel by just adding the bowl and the stem apparatus that guides the air in the downward direction at the level below water, when it bubbles in the upward direction, during usage. For getting fresh air in the bong plus harvesting the remaining smoke, the hole called as “carburetor”, “choke”, “carb”, “rush”, “bink”, or simply the  “hole” on the bong’s lower part which is above the level of water is kept covered during the process of smoking, which is then opened for allowing smoke to be drawn within the respiratory system.

So if you are looking for the glass bong, then how should you pick the best glass bongs for your requirements? If you are  new to water pipes then it is best that you must go with something which is easy and simple. You must choose a product which is easy to light, easy to load, easy to clean and easy to smoke from. If you are ready for some of the more advanced products then you must check out the bongs which are decked with accessories and loads of percolators. You will also find that there are all types of gorgeous and stunning pieces of the glasswork, ceramic figurines where you can smoke from, psychedelic acrylic bong designs and nifty novelty bongs.

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The various high quality glass bongs on sale

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