What is the Difference between Glass Dab Rigs and Bongs?

Although dab rigs are new arrivals than glass bongs, as the latter has been in the market for centuries, their differences lie in the way you use the products. Bongs are primarily used for tobacco, flowers, and dry herbs, while dab and rigs are used for concentrates like wax, oil, or honey. The cannabis concentrates in glass dab rigs are usually rosin, propane, or butane hash oil, distillate, resin, and co2 concentrates. The concentrates are put into a heated nail with the help of a dab tool.

Bongs or water pipes, as they are also known as are best for dry herb consumption. It removes toxins and cools down the smoke with the help of water filtration and diffusion. In other words, when you smoke with cheap glass bongs, then you can do so with a comfortable temperature and get smoother and purer hits. You may click here at www.wd420glass.com to place your orders for both glass bongs and glass rigs.

Water Pipes versus Dab Rigs

Water pipes or bongs and dab rigs are made out of several materials, yet glass remains the top choice for users. The main reason for glass as the best option is that it is clean and can be easily maintained, and you often find water pipes for sale that are intricately designed and stunning.

The Best Dab Rigs are usually smoked by putting the concentrates into the heated nails using dab tools. In other words, the dab rig is the chamber of the glass pipe, and this is connected to a nail or called a banger. In sharp contrast to this technique, you find cheap glass bongs are used with traditional bowls attached to them.

Further, it is noteworthy that cheap dab rigs hit you a lot more than smoking dry flowers in bongs. When you use concentrates, you are using the most potent parts of a Cannabis plant. However, for beginners and several older people, the bong is the best way to start.

Bowl or Nail

The defining difference between the two types of inhaling herbs or dry concentrates is the outer appearance as people quickly identify as to what another person is smoking. You will find numerous types of the two kinds if you look up for GLASS BONGS Online Store or click at the above site.

It is pretty interesting in this context to know that a nail is heated with a butane torch, and concentrates get lowered on top of it. With bowls of cheap water pipes, you pack it full with herb and then light it up with a regular lighter. Currently, you can also buy electric dab rigs online from a reliable website.

You will find bong prices after good discounts, which mainly depend on your tastes and preferences. Since these are very good showpieces, you can buy from authentic GLASS BONGS for sale sites. Bongs are always larger than dab rigs, and this is because the flower has to be combusted than vaporized. In the bong case, the smoke will travel the entire length of the bong without dissipating. With dab rig, the vapor has to travel only a very short distance yet remains powerful for a super hit.