What are the different aspects of foldable solar street lights?

The efficiency of street lights ensures that cities, towns and other places are properly illuminated plus these lights play an important role in the aesthetics of the region. It is important to have energy efficient street lights that doesn’t have an adverse impact on the climate and are eco-friendly since there has been a steady decline in the overall health of the planet. The solar street lights are therefore increasingly being utilized by various administrations and municipal corporations around the world.

The solar powered street light provides an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional street lights and they are amongst the most efficient lighting solutions in the market. There are several brands in the industry that sell some of the most excellent and innovative street lighting systems. When looking for an efficient street lighting system some of the things that you must look out for includes energy efficiency, cost efficiency, the different features, dimensions, and overall price.

Cmoonlight is a home of top solar street light products

The https://www.cmoonlight.com/ is an efficient manufacturer of the top solar street light products in the market with an exclusive range of lighting solutions. The company has products with originally patented designs and it has some of the most innovative lighting systems in the industry. The materials used by the company are 100% tested for quality and the company ensures that their products pass the ISO9001:2005 system for quality certification.

The company assembles the solar panels and batteries in its factories by directly purchasing the best solar cells and battery cells at same price. The company has 20k square meters  of the factory buildings plus 245 employees on its payroll. The company supplies products to clients in more than 180 nations around the world. The company has invested a year in the invention of foldable all in one solar street light for replacing the traditional LED solar street lights covering intricate aspects and hundreds of details.

The best foldable solar street lights in the market

The foldable solar street lights from Cmoonlight is a flagship product from the company. The company has an exclusive patent on the foldable version of the solar street lights and thus it has assumed a pioneering role in the industry. Two of the top foldable solar street light manufactured and sold by Cmoonlight are Palm tree solar led street light with CB and solar streetlights with CCTV camera.

Palm tree solar led street light with CB: This product comes with the CB IECEE Saber certification and it uses premium materials for the government projects. This product has A-Class LiFePO4 battery and it comes with the 10 years life-span. This product comes equipped with some of the best features such as smart MPPT controller, LiFePO4 lithium battery, Double-wave solar panel, Smart Micro-wave Sensor, High Luminous Efficiency LED, and Die Casting Aluminum support.