Water Chiller – Significance & Uses

It has become important for organizations, especially the manufacturing sector to adopt modern technology to enhance its overall productivity and customer satisfaction. The industrial water cooled chiller can be considered to be a highly effective and efficient cooling system. This system is designed specially to cool large plants as well as equipment temperatures installed in industrial plants. It is used for various applications. Several types of chillers are easily available in the market. Hence, it becomes essential to select one that fulfils specific industrial needs. Whatever be the type of industry, trying to select the very best product can be a difficult task.

industrial water-cooled water chiller
industrial water-cooled water chiller

Beat the heat

The most appropriate way to eliminate heat is by using the advanced industrial water-cooled water chiller system. In many industries, machines & plants can be found to be working constantly and generate plenty of heat continuously. The chiller’s work is to extract maximum heat possible from one component. Then it is passed on to the other. The cooling system can be stated to be quite similar to that of the cooling air conditioner with regards to its compressor. However, the only difference noticed here is, liquid temperature cools instead of air. It has a very simple setup and operation technique and can accomplish its task very easily, within minutes.

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Industrial type chillers are quite heavy comprising cool water of about 400 tons. Such machines are very large and also quite efficient, but not that expensive as it seems to be. The designs are bulky and are required to be installed on the roof or side of the building. The unit’s control panel is present in the building’s interior part.

industrial water-cooled water chiller
industrial water-cooled water chiller

Cooling tower & its uses

With motors and boilers of big industrial machines generating plenty of heat, it becomes imperative to cool them, so as to avoid hampering during production process. Industrial water chiller is highly beneficial to boost machinery speed and also increase its longevity. It also solves drainage issues associated with impure water. Even water wastage is reduced significantly in industrial sectors.

The chillers are designed to cool down water temperature from 7 to 12 degree Celsius, depending upon the need of different industries. Such industrial water chiller system tends to work automatically. This means, machine temperature is to be set and then it functions on its own. It is designed with whole lot of equipment kits like refrigeration device, wires, pipes, etc. It does find great use in different types of industries, some of which are given below.

Plastic industry: They are used for cooling plastic and equipment temperature, used to process plastic manufacturing.

Medical industry: There are several medical equipments like MRI, scanning machine, blood cooling machine, laboratory testing machine, etc. which generates plenty of heat. The chillers are used for cooling them rapidly and maintaining functional temperature.

Printing industry: Water chillers are crucial to cool down heat emitted by printing rollers. It also reduces heat generated by paper as it comes out from ink drying oven procedure.

Rubber industry: Chillers are used for cooling rubber extruder barrel, rubber mill, bambury mixture and other equipments used in this industry.

Laser industry: Chillers do play a significant role to cool down power & laser supplies in light protection, laser and other related industries.

Wineries industries: Chillers do make good use in wine breweries for managing fermentation process. Besides cooling down jacket tank, it cools down grapes at the start of wine making process.

Chemical industry: Chillers are useful in chemical industries, as it is used to cool down chemicals, lab equipments and big boilers which produce too much heat.

Beverage industry: This industry also requires installation and using of chiller system for dairy product pasteurizing process. The water chiller is quite helpful to cool down heat that is found to be generated from pasteurizing, cooking or mixing process related to dairy products.

Organizations that aspire to witness fast growth can find the chilling machine to be a reliable and cost effective alternative to pumping water.

It is a significant alternative to the standard available evaporative cooling tower. As per industrial experts, chillers are found to be much more effective and efficient when compared to cooling tower. The reason is because coolant liquid coming in contact with the air present in the building. However, on using the chiller system, it is possible to keep the same in closed circuits.

Tips to select the best industrial water chiller refrigeration system

To identify the most appropriate condenser, total water amount required to be chilled needs to be measured. Energy is to be included in right amount to liquid refrigerant. This way, the best water chiller system can be selected and optimum refreshment quality be maintained.