Use of Visual Inspection System in different Industries

Earlier it was quite difficult for the industries to inspect the products which they use to manufacture in their industries. As most of the inspection related work was done manually only. And because of the manual work, there were more chances of error. But at present, we have AOI Machine and Vision Inspection machines which can be used for inspecting the components in different industries. The main purpose of using the vision inspection machine is to check whether the quality of the raw material or the components used in the manufacturing of the product is good or not. It also helps in inspecting the final products to know if there is any defected piece or if they are manufactured in a better way or not.

By looking at the use of the visual inspection machine use, more visual inspection systems industries have been set up in the different parts of the world. These industries are quite helpful when it comes to providing visual inspection support to different industries like the Sipotek AOI Machine. The visual inspection machine has different applications as it is being used in various industries. Let’s know in which all industries the visual inspection machine is being used.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

In the medical industry, a lot of medical devices are being used. So, AOI Machine is being used for checking and inspecting these medical devices only. It is used for various purposes like for inspecting the dimension of the medical device, for checking the quality of the medical device, for detecting the defect in the medical devices, etc. Similarly, it is being used in the pharmaceutical industry also like for detecting pharmaceutical product defects, for inspecting contact lens, for verifying the batch and lot, for reading date code, for reading barcode, for inspecting the packaging of the pharmaceutical products, and other such uses.

Print and Packaging Industry

Vision inspection systems are also being used in the print and packaging industry. They are quite helpful in assuring the quality of print and packaging products. In this industry also, Visual Inspection Systems are being used for different purposes like for the inspection of box and carton, for product inspection, for inspection of products size and feature, for inspecting print quality, for color inspection, verifying the packages and their measurement, verifying the standards, inspecting labels, verifying date and lot, and many other things related to print and packaging.

Automotive Production

Yes, you heard it right, the automotive production also makes use of visual inspection systems industries. The machine vision systems are being used for inspecting a lot of things related to the automotive-like the automotive parts inspection, automotive components inspection, inspection of electronics used in automotive production, verification of type, detection of defective product, inspecting the wrong component assembly, seal verification, analysis of color, surface inspection, and other such inspections related to automotive.

Food Industry

Many of you might be thinking that how a visual inspection system is being used in the food industry, so you should know that we have different food industries where the food inspection and detection work is required. It can be used for inspection of food packaging or inspection of the cartons. It can also be used for inspection of color and size. Other than these uses, the visual inspection system is also being used for inspecting the food processing, verifying the part number, date, and lot, and for inspecting contamination. When making use of it in the food industry, it doesn’t mean that it will be only used for inspecting food, it is also being used for inspection of seal, film, label, and quality of printing done on the labels.

Other than the industries mentioned above, the visual inspection system is being used in many other industries as well. Like it is being used in Aerospace, Steel Industry, Precision Engineering, Life Science, Machine Tool Engineering, Cosmetics Industry, Glass Production Industry, Solar Cell, Nuclear, and Military also.

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