Types of Microswitch and its uses

Microswitch is a type of switch that changes the direction of current when its arm is move. You will learn about its technicality later. But first let’s see where it is used. Microswitches are all around you. They are commonly used now a days.

Industrial mechanical switches products
Industrial mechanical switches products

Have you ever thought that when you open a fridge it light glows and when you close it get off automatically? Is it magic? Well its because of the microswitch that is installed in it. Every time you open and close it the microswitch does that magic.

The same is similar with your car interior light. Micro switches has a variety of applications. Especially in electronics industry it is a revolutionary device that makes the magic possible. Now the question is how does that magic works. It where technicality comes.

micro switches
micro switches

A Microswitch consists of three fixed terminals with one movable arms. These three terminals are generally known as C (Common), N/O (Normally open), N/C (Normally Closed). And due to its movable arm, that changes the direction of current it is also known as Snap Action Switch. It is because it uses a spring to Open and Close the connection inside of it.

There is a list of microswitches that are used for difference purposes. It includes:

Rocker Switch
Micro Switch
Slide switch
Door Switch
Detector switch
Limit Switches
Mechanical Keyboard Switch
Pressure Switch
Rotary Switch
Tact Switch

Each of these Switch has its own benefit of using it.

Rocker Switch: Rocker switches are the most common type of switches used in electronics products like, computer power supply, monitors, surge protectors and many others. They consist of two indicator signs i.e. a circle for ‘ON’ and a Dash line for ‘OFF’.

Micro Switch: Theses switches are the magic switches that are used in washing machines, automobiles, fridges, doors etc. It is used to detect switching power. It can detect the status of doors whether they are open or closed.

Slide switch: A microswitch is called a slider switch when it uses a sliding arm to change the direction of the current. Remember that switch of your blue tooth headset. That’s the one. Well it’s a small switch there are switched bigger than that with different sliding points for switching the current in multiple directions.

Door Switch: As we have discussed about the magic switch (Microswitch) They are used specifically in doors. They are used in Wardrobe doors for lightening, Electrical cabin, Refrigerators, car doors, microwave door etc.

Detector switch: As the name suggest the main aim of a detector switch is to detect the mechanical movement i.e. human operation and convert it into electrical signals. Detectors switches are a good alternative to encoders at some places to reduce the cost.

Encoder: An encoder is generally a type of position sensor. To determine the angular position of a rotating shaft a encoder is used as in washing machines. Due to the rotational movement it generates a electrical signal either in form of digital or analog format.

Limit Switches: These switches are highly used in Industrial mechanical switches products. They are used to count objects passing through conveyor belts. Some other purposes it is used for are acting as a safety interlock or as a part of controlling system used to control machinery.

Mechanical Keyboard Switch: I think you know it vey well. For those who don’t let’s see what it is. If you are reading it on a pc than that keyboard of yours consist these switches. Yes, all the buttons of it consists of a dedicated mechanical switch dedicated to each key separately.

Pressure Switch: These switches are used in industries https://www.unionwells.com/ that deal with flow of liquids or gases. It is set for a particular value of pressure of liquid or gas passing through pipeline. When this limiting value of pressure is reached the switch automatically turns ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ the electrical power. It is strictly used for safety purpose.

Rotary Switch: You have seen these switches for a long time and played with them a lot. If you still have that old radio or music box of your you can easily recognize it. That big roller it has for manipulating the frequency or volume is a Rotary switch. Now also that fan regulator of yours is the same rotary Switch.

Though microswitches have wide range and infinite applications. But you need to oose them carefully. To get the best microswitch you can visit China Micro Switch company.