Travelling Safe is Still Possible in COVID-19

Here’s How

Nobody envisaged the outbreak of coronavirus; it came up and has affected jobs, education, and travel plans in varying degrees. Young graduates may not find it easy to get hired since businesses are going through a hard time. Some employees have even lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. Tourism lovers may have had their hopes of visiting great places dashed.

This is really not the time COVID-19 should have showed up, but it’s here already. Besides, is there even a right time for a crisis like this? There isn’t!

You may have suspended so many things you wanted to do at this time. Is there a way forward? Can we actually recover from all that has happened? Brace up and be optimistic.

The younger generation seems to have the heart to beat the odds, travel to places of interest and have fun. They are not even afraid of catching the virus but are only scared of spreading the virus to their parents or elders. It looks like the older generation are treading with more caution and are not willing to travel.

So, if you are already holding your boarding pass, and can’t or don’t even want to cancel your bookings, here are steps that can keep you protected as you travel.

Take note of different travel restrictions

There are 3 types of travel restrictions:

  • Blanket ban: Where citizens of a particular country are denied entry into a foreign country.
  • Entry ban: Upon arrival, you may be subjected to quarantine for about 4 days before getting access into the destination country.
  • Entry upon clearing medical screening: Here, travellers are made to undergo some medical tests and if found okay, are allowed into the country.

Find out your destination’s travel restrictions before flying. However, the conditions are constantly changing. So, if you don’t want to be on a plane returning home due to unforeseen restrictions, take care to know these things. You can go for a COVID-19 PCR test for travel to be sure you’re healthy enough to fly.

Make flexible travel plans

For air travels, it is best to board airlines that provide a flexible cancellation or rebooking policies. This is because the aviation industry has been greatly affected during the outbreak. Flights are cancelled surprisingly, and passengers get stranded. To avoid this ugly situation, consider buying a travel insurance that can cover you in case this happens.

Go along with hand sanitiser always

Part of your travel essentials at this time is a hand sanitiser. Not just any kind but an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol. Carrying this in your bag as you move will help.

Onboard the plane, wipe down frequently touched surfaces like armrests, video monitors, and tray tables. Using a mask is great only in combination with regular hand washing.

Some persons are not used to washing their hands all the time. It can get boring; one might even forget. To make the process easy and comfortable, while washing your hands, you can be singing your favourite tune for the period of 20 seconds. Doing it with family members, especially kids, can be fun too.

Know how to seek consular help abroad

News of tourists being harassed, attacked, and greeted with violence overseas may have filtered into your ears. Sometimes, they are hit because of their skin colour, or fears that they are infected with the virus. Getting a PCR test for travel can put you above sentiments. You won’t find it funny to be discriminated even for minutes. It can be psychologically traumatising and unpleasant.

So, e-registering with your consulate or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for your country would make the government find and help you if you have any emergency abroad. This is very important if you really want to make your travel worth it.

But what if you don’t feel like flying?

Well, if you don’t feel excited enough to go on that plane, it doesn’t mean you should just stay back at home bored, and doing the same old stuff. Hey, there are other exciting things to do. Come to think of it, with the pandemic changing travel plans, it might just be perfect to take a tour around your country or city. Yeah, you may not know that great and exciting places are around you.

How about visiting that spot you’ve had eyes on for a long time? What of visiting the park, local zoo, or that new restaurant in town that’s making the waves?

Now is the time that you can go on those nearby domestic trips with friends, family, and colleagues. Besides, you won’t be spending so much on these trips as the hospitality industry is making an effort to get back on their feet, plus you will have all the fun you want.

You can start by making a list of all the local attractions you want to visit. Then, make plans for that which you find more attractive. Who knows, these brief and sweet trips can create great memories for life. Explore your environment; sometimes local flavours taste better.

Key takeaways

In the face of current realities, will coronavirus change how and when we travel? It all depends on you; your choice. Actually, there is no solution right now. All we have are recommendations that are aimed at protecting us when we travel.

It’s time we adjust to what is happening today. Even though you choose to switch those long, exotic trips for something close to your home, yet fun and exciting, it is still an experience. So don’t be afraid to make changes.

But if you still want to embark on that foreign trip, the guide provided above will help you make the most out of your journey in these times. Take care to plan your trip and research your destination; good planning is of the essence. Remember to always protect yourself and others. Everyone is responsible for general safety.

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