Three tips for choosing painters in Brisbane to paint your investment property

If you have an investment portfolio, one of the critical members of your team has to be an experienced painter contractor. Your Brisbane painters have to be someone you can depend on even if you call at the last minute to paint your commercial or residential properties. They should also offer a good discount for each of the projects you hire them to paint.

If you have a permanent painting company on your team, you will soon be able to give an estimation of the costs of painting your property based on the building size and its general condition.

So you stand to benefit two-fold here as you get a discount for repeat business, and will be able to make your own estimation of the painting costs. If you are now convinced you should have painters in Brisbane on your team, these tips should help you choose the best for your organization.

1. Commitment to you

An important point to consider when selecting painters in Brisbane for your team is someone committed to serving you. Though there are many large painting companies with many crews working on multiple projects every day, it’s better hiring painters who attend to one job at a time.

It’s even better if the owner is on the job with his painters as it’s difficult developing a rapport with large companies that send different crews to paint various investment properties.

They won’t be able to give you suggestions to save money on projects, and you find it difficult trusting whatever they suggest. Sticking with local painters helps you develop a long-term relationship with Brisbane painters you can trust with their suggestions and ideas.

2. Understanding with other tradespeople

Look for painters in Brisbane who can work well with the other tradespeople. For example, carpenters adjusting their schedule for painters who don’t turn up on schedule because of other work only leads to a delay in your entire renovation work.

This won’t happen with painters who work well with other tradespeople. They will work at making proper adjustments so that they remain on schedule and avoid any delays and problems with your renovation work.

3. Ask for references

It’s better to check the painters’ references and take a look at their past jobs before hiring painters for your team. While price is definitely a factor, the lowest bid should not necessarily be the winner. You have to compare a few written quotes for all your painting work so that you can make similar and justifiable comparisons. You can also ask your contractor, friends, and family for references with painters they had worked with before and are comfortable with.