Things you need to know about unlock chip case

While designing a chip there are cryptographic vulnerabilities, which exploit to attack the chip in order to learn about the code in memory. Well with the use of these unlock chips the program can be reversed. The main function of this chip is to apply the reverse engineering process that is mostly provided by PCB that might be assembled or bare and single-sided or multi-layered.

IC unlock

There are many specialized technologies that are being used for the production of hardware cracking such as copying or unlock chip and various kinds of electronic product software. One of them is the Shenzhen OROD technology, which provides great support and comprehensive services to its customers along with full plans consisting of technical solutions.

With the help of these unlock chips, one will never face problems such as reoccurring of roadblock. There are various kinds of packages associated with a particular design type which might include Gerber files, fabrication and schematic drawings as well as designed database with CAD layout. In this field of controlling the core components for the metros, there are few countries which are considered as the most powerful and they are Germany, Japan, Canada, France etc.

Alstom, Siemens and Bombardier are the 3 multinational companies which cover around 50 per cent of the global market in this production of core control products for metros. There are other groups too, such as the domestic CRRC group, etc. which are authorized and work on a joint venture for the products of core controlled components that can be used in other foreign companies but the technology associated with the core is still not under control. Shenzhen OROD mostly relies on traction inverter for its strong R & D capability. The R&D capability localizes the DCU module of these core components of the traction inverter. The primary function is as follows:

unlock-chip unlock-chip

The power is supplied to the 4 traction AC asynchronous motors which are kept parallel to each other, by having the traction inverter and is also available in every vehicle that belongs to a particular subway.  The company also undertakes the development of the products such as the independent localized spare parts and for repairing the board. Presently the DCU board parts developed by china did pass the test for the subway companies and also the test for sports car are also taken on a ground platform which will determine the extent till which the parts need to be replaced.

The unlock chip services provided by the Shenzhen OROD is really appreciable. The company provides various services and products like schematics and component list production, ALTERA, 12 layer PCB copy board design, MICROCHIP, TI, ATMEL, HITACHI, SYNCMOS, WINBOND, INTEL, single-chip decryption, MOTOROLA, Motorola MCU decryption, LATTICE, HOLTEK, ST, PHILIPS,  XILINX, STC, Fujitsu, MCU decryption, Mitsubishi single-chip decryption, ZILOGSONIX, single-chip decryption,  EMC, Feeling MCU decryption and other services. The currently available chips have the following features associated:

  • IC packaging.
  • IC model.
  • IC type.

Few models are not updated due to the continuous updates coming up for chip models as well as the pace at which improvements are introduced for the decryption technology.

But they also develop certain chips instantly with the latest features associated with it such as in the new models.

Shenzhen OROD technology has an R & D team of professionals available for the purpose of reverse technology where rich practical experiences are provided to them in order to develop and introduce updates and modifications. It is also known for solving technical problems in order to challenge large scale projects in various universities, key domestic institutions and long undertaken PCB copying or reconstruction as well as copy board enterprises. Their main focus is associated with challenging projects that would help the customers for shortening the cycle of development which on later phase helps to save the development cost and technical support prices as well as decreases the risk associated with production. This enhances the competitiveness among the customers. They do program analysis and unlock chip, reversing of programs as well as other project cooperation.

According to the customer’s requirements, the OROD technology accepts the corresponding decryption methods and also develops technical characteristics that helps to reduce the chance of IC unlock failure and also gives the guarantee of accuracy of chip decryption.

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