Things a Fashion Idiot Should Remember When Buying for Cool Sneakers

The most important part of fashion is the clothing that covers our feet and allows us to walk comfortably. Even though they cover only a small portion of the body, and can’t be seen from close up, they have a significant impact on how you look overall. Shoes are so fashion-related because they are unique objects and not just another piece of cloth that we can drape over our bodies.

The top are here, without further ado idiots—AHEM I mean… readers

1. Look at the celebrities/friends/etc. What do you think is cool? How well-dressed are your friends? Tony Robbins says, “If success is your goal, look for someone who has achieved those results and copy their methods. You’ll be successful.”

2. Do not be afraid to experiment with something new. You might wear heels in a color you don’t usually wear. Look for the exact color you would wear if there were no tomorrow.

3. It’s a common belief that shopping with women is the best way for fashion advice. But a gay man can be a great resource. He will make you look super-smokin’. It makes perfect sense if you stop and think about it. He is attracted to men and will know if you are good or bad.

4. You can make small accessories such as anklets and charms or shoelaces. A good accessory can transform dull feet into happy, groovy feet.

5. Don’t wear too mainstream stuff.

6. Only buy things you love.

7. You should have several pairs of shoes for different purposes. As for me, I love to play basketball and longboard, so I have two pairs. I also have my vans, which I use for style.

8. Ask the salesperson what shoes would go with my jacket or which jeans will match which style of shoe. If the salesperson seems unsure or hesitates, say so immediately and find another person.

9. Shoes are the most important thing to invest in. It’s possible to get away with Turkish jeans/shirts, but not shoes.

10. They last longer if they are more expensive. It’s a small investment. As a college freshman, I would often buy cheap clothes and cool sneakers. I also bought cheap cars. This was my instinct. I don’t need to spend more on something when I can get the same amazing stuff for a fraction of the price. But, I eventually started to pay more attention to quality. I changed from being cheap to a lifestyle that is more value-oriented.

Fashion is often seen as being important, but a man can still have a great night out in shorts and sandals. Conversely, he could also be successful wearing boots. He can have great nights in blazers, great shoes, and less-fashionable ones in both. Your shoes will not make women sleep with you, but your shoes will make them reject you.

Shoes are worn to protect from heat, dust, noise, rain, and other hazards. Cowboy boots are a great choice if you live in Texas. Conversely, shoes that can support you while walking on concrete for long periods of time are a smart choice if you live in an urban area. Read more here:

Design and quality are key. It must match your other clothes. Without knowing what clothes they will be hanging from, you can’t decide which shoes will look best. It is important to care for your shoes. Keep them clean and free from scuffs. If you take care of your shoes properly, a good pair can last a lifetime. Shoes will last forever if you stop growing and become less active.