The reason you should choose Sungait sunglasses with retro style

When you are out there shopping for your ideal sunglasses, the sheer amount of options and variety that is available in the market might be overwhelming for you as a consumer. There are so many sunglasses products from various manufacturers that flood the market on a regular basis. In such a scenario it often becomes difficult to make the right choice or know which sunglasses are the best for you. So if you are looking to purchase sunglasses for yourself there are certain criteria and parameters that you must look for so that you can get a good deal for your purchase. Let us have a look.

Square Frame Sunglasses for men
Square Frame Sunglasses for men

One of the first things you must look for when purchasing the sunglasses is the name of the manufacturer for the sunglasses. It is important to choose a manufacturer that is known for its good quality of products and has a track record of excellent service to the consumers. A well known brand or name has a reputation to keep up and hold the trust of the clientele so you can expect products from that company to be efficient and good. Beyond that you must look at the build quality of the sunglasses, the lens incorporated in those glasses, warranty, style and color to name a few things. Pricing is another important factor that shapes the decision of the consumer in the purchase of any accessory or product. Ideally you must look for a product that is durable, efficient, high quality and provides you value for money based on its pricing.

Why choose Sungait?

Expectedly there are a number of manufacturers in the market that produce good quality efficient sunglasses for the consumers. Amongst the various manufacturers the Sungait is one of the most trusted names and is known for its high quality products as well as impeccable service to the customers.

Square Frame Sunglasses for men
Square Frame Sunglasses for men

The Sungait glasses are essentially the sunglasses product belonging to Chengdu SENRUIHENG E-commerce Co. Ltd. The company manufactures a wide array of glasses that includes casual sunglasses for the regular commuter wear, sports sunglasses for the outdoor activities, fashionable sunglasses meant for trendy people and the sunglasses for children. When you are purchasing the sunglasses from Sungait you can choose from any of these categories based on your requirements. The company aligns and meets all the necessary guidelines as well as quality standards of Europe and Australia. The company was founded in the year 2016 and it is based in the Chengdu region of China. More detail you can visit

It is basically a enterprise startup that deals with the integration of eyewear development, designing, production and the sales. The SENRUIHENG currently has the comprehensive sales as well as logistics setup for Europe and North America thereby providing high quality products as well as service to the clients and customers from across the globe. The eyewear products of the company are available for sale through the official website, eBay, Amazon and other offline retail stores.

From the time of the foundation the company has concentrated its efforts on customer satisfaction thus providing the customers with all the fashionable products which gives good value for money and also top class customer service to boot. The support and trust of the customers means that the sales of the products from the company have grown exponentially in the last year. There are company’s personalized warehouses as well as Amazon warehouses in Canada, US and UK. The company also has good and professional relationship with multiple shipping companies such as UPS, DHL and USPS for the timely delivery to the customers.

SUNGAIT classic squared framed sunglasses for men and women in retro style

All the sunglasses products available on Sungait are popular but this specific square frame sunglasses for women product is particularly liked by the customers owing to its retro and classic styles. People have a special fondness for classic or the retro accessories and products owing to its charm and uniqueness.

The Sungait classic retro style square frame sunglasses for men is a highstreet collection combined with the cue of Erika style. The square lens fitted into the frame which is less circular adds to the whole fashion aspect of this product and adds a unique charm to it. These are unisex glasses that are suitable for both the winter and autumn seasons. The width of the lens in these sunglasses is 55mm, the height is 45 mm and the nose bridge is 15mm. The length of the frame is 144mm and there are various colors available for these sunglasses such as tortoise brown frame and green frame with blue green mirror lens. You get a lifetime warranty with this product and either a free exchange or a refund within 30 days of the purchase. The customer service of Sungait is top class and extremely professional.