The many benefits of using LED parking lot lights

LED lighting technology advances indicate that there are LED light bulbs and various lighting solutions for any situation in the office, home or factory. Not only are these lights energy efficient, but they are durable and long-lasting as well, thus saving you money in the long run, regardless of the investment being higher compared to conventional lighting.

Endure extreme temperatures

One amongst the major challenges of outdoor lighting is the extreme temperature fluctuations from day time heat to nighttime freeze. This places some stress on the traditional fluorescent lighting, thus leading to a decrease in the bulb’s lifespan and average performance.

LED parking lot lights are more efficient in cold temperatures and they switch on instantly no matter what the temperature is since they don’t need to warm up to operate properly.

Switch on/off easily

Repeated switching on and switching off places a stress on the conventional lights. It uses more energy and reduces its lifespan. LED lights survive this process, which makes the ideal choice for safety lights and intermittent lighting.

Energy saving

LED lights from are energy-efficient compared to other lighting forms. And when you use them for large scale purposes, for garages and parking lots, your savings are bound to be substantial. Even when you use it for domestic purposes, you can easily reduce the energy amount utilized on the outdoor lighting significantly by changing to LEDs. They are good news for your pocket and the environment as well.


LEDs tend to last more time longer compared to traditional lighting; 50,000 hours or even more and with just a 30 percent lumen output loss. This indicates that they need to be substituted less frequently; another added advantage for outdoor lighting that is often placed in the highest position requiring ladders and various sorts of other tools to access. You get to enjoy less energy consumption and save on replacement and maintenance costs as well.


LEDs can be used to offer directional lights, perfect for architectural lights, security lights, and spotlights. By focussing it wherever it is required, there is less energy wastage and also less light pollution.

All the above-mentioned benefits are true when it comes to good-quality LEDs, whilst bad quality ones are less prone to meet the LED lighting’s growing reputation. When you wish to replace your outside lighting using LEDs, ensure that you get in touch with the best and trustworthy company that concentrates in offering you with the best LED lighting. This way, you can easily get suggestions on the ideal options for your requirements and profit from the investment you are making in terms of enhanced lighting functionality and energy savings.

Plan the parking lot lighting placement

Planning your parking lot lighting placement is not something that you should or can do all by yourself. You need to hire an electrical contractor to assist you in planning it, thereby ensuring that you possess ample lights and the lights are bright enough to light up the parking area.

Parking lot lights are a significant part of any business property. They help maintain the safety of the structure, the customer and the employees. For this very reason, your lighting installation has to be planned well. There are codes and regulations concerning the lights placement in your property and failing to go by the rules can make you get fines.

Municipalities posses particular requirements for the illumination distance or the foot candles of your parking lot lights. There are regulations that minimize the glare amount that your lights can emit and the direction they point towards. These are only some of the factors that play a key role in planning the light installation.

Employ the best person

When you hire an electrical contractor it is significant that you do a research. Get referrals from the local businesses and inspect their LED parking lot lights to see how good the lighting installation has been done. Interview prospective contractors and ask them to show you state license that is needed for an electrical contractor. Ask queries about their job and the plans they have. See how much they are experienced in doing parking lot light installations.

Routine maintenance

Once you get the lights installed in the parking area, it is also essential to maintain them properly. The contractor will help you with bulb replacement and repairs as necessary. Though you might want to save money and climb the ladder on your own, it is a good practice to leave it to the contractor to work on the repair and replacement work, since they can spot potential issues and have the right equipment.

Installation of parking lot light doesn’t have to be nerve-racking, but it does need planning. Hire the best professional to do the planning and implementation of the installation and you can be sure that it is done according to the necessary standards.

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