The Florida House Experience Addiction Treatment Center

One of the missions of our addiction treatment center is to offer a long term solution/treatment to any addictions at cost effective prices. In relation to other addiction treatment center, we offer care services that are both intensive and comprehensive for the treatment of persons suffering from substance addiction and also mental illness.

At our addiction treatment center we pride in promoting affordable behavioural healthcare services, establishing effective working atmospheres with neighbouring behavioural healthcare groups and being the leader in the provision of private incorporated comprehensive services in the South Florida region.

We stick to our chief goal by assessing and meeting the behavioural healthcare requirements of our surrounding community through conforming to the daily evolving healthcare standards.

Addiction Treatment Center

Contrary to other addiction treatment center, we At Florida House Experience have broken addiction treatment into four comfortable yet comprehensive phases. The first phase involves assessing the patient’s long and short term requirements in order to come up with a suitable treatment plan. Residential Day or Night treatment at our addiction treatment center is mainly for persons who require rather intensive clinical attention but who also can live independently in friendly, well planned community housing conditions.

Phase one treatment services at our addiction treatment center include: 7 days per week clinical services which involves didactic and process groups, individual sessions for a clinically approved duration; psycho pharmacology and medication management; nutrition groups; the 12 step meetings in the premises and transport facilities to off campus 12 step meetings; sober leisure activities, weekly $70 food cards; and dedicated 24 hour support.

The second phase of treatment at our addiction treatment center comes along after one demonstrates responsible behaviour and determined commitment to recover. Activities in this phase include daily self help group attendance and both individual and group therapy.

This is a slight down adjustment from the day/night clinical care in phase 1. New patients can be admitted straight to this phase on approval by the program director. The patients must show readiness to live and work individually in our addiction treatment center community or even in the external world.

Patients in the third phase of treatment at the Florida House Experience addiction treatment center are provided with support to enable them live a sober healthy lifestyle in a sobriety based community. The patient is trained on abstinence as he/she relates and integrates with the community members. Daily practice of the 12 step recovery principles on recovery support and spiritual development is encouraged in this phase.

The final step at our is known as sober living. One can only get to this phase after successfully completing one of the initial phases. This is so since it is a sensitive phase that deals with one’s transition back to his/her loved ones and the general society.