The Different Maintenance Procedure of Sanitary Pads Machine

The maintenance of the sanitary pads machines is to ensure the machine for making sanitary pads with a variety of methods, including wiping clean, lubrication, and adjustments, in order to ensure the technical and performance of the machine for making sanitary pads.

1. Make sure you use sanitary pads correctly

Maintenance personnel, operators (inspection) as well as repair technicians must make use of and maintain the machine to clean sanitary pads in a manner that is master-like and maintain it with a serious and the use of scientific techniques. Follow the rule of giving equal importance to overhaul and maintenance, and focus on expansion and maintenance. Implement the strict post responsibility system, and then implement the mechanical packaging mechanism to ensure your sanitary pad machine that is being used is in good working order.

2. Make sure you operate the machine in a safe manner

The machine for sanitary pads that is used by operators by utilizing on-the-job training and technology for learning they will be able to attain four knowledge and three abilities (understand the structure, the performance and the purpose using, maintenance, and troubleshooting) They also have three rights. That is they are entitled to stop other people from using their machine in a private and automatic manner. If the machine is loaded beyond its capacity without taking preventive measures or the approval of the guest and host departments, they have the right to end its use of the machine. If it is determined an operation to be not in conformity or is not fixed within the stipulated timeframe as well as the device fails to conform to the requirements the issue must be immediately reported. If the issue is not addressed promptly and appropriate measures cannot be taken the device is able to cease the use of it.

3. Be aware of the operation procedures of the machine for sanitary pads

Use sanitary pads in a safe manner be sure to strictly follow the operating guidelines, meticulously prepare prior to startup, frequently examine during startup, and properly handle the shutdown process adjust the machine in operation, and be sure to use operational indicators. Over speed, pressure, over temperature and overloading are not permitted.

4. Make sure to oil the machine’s sanitary pads

Implement the strict lubrication management system for sanitary pads made of petrochemical machine and follow five levels of filtration fixed and three-level (five fixed levels: fixed point time, fixed point fixed quality, fixed quantity and fixed individual three-level filtration which includes barrels for oil reception to post storage barrel for oil Post oil storage barrel to pot for oil and the oil container to the refueling station). In addition the lubricating components and the oil tank must be maintained and cleaned frequently. Maintenance personnel must conduct a regular inspection of the machinery that is guaranteed on time and deal with any problems identified in a timely manner and work with the operators to perform a satisfactory job of production of safety. For more info about sanitary pad manufacturing machine, Visit here:

Every maintenance job, including machines for sanitary pads must be clearly divided into work, and be completed on time to do the job well in the areas of anti-freeze and anti condensation the thermal and cold insulation plugging, anti-corrosion and other jobs.