The best bands for Apple watch you should know

It takes a leap of faith to buy an Apple watch and after all, you are just investing in a tiny wrist computer that costs around $500. However, once the shock of the sticker is worn off then you will start to wonder why a smart watch cannot also be fashionable.

There are several types of bands and straps which you can use to improve the appearance of your Apple watch. Silicone or velcor bands might not be practical for everyday use however, there are plenty of occasions where a basic band wont just cut it. In that case you will need something special. You will need to get your hands on these bands so as to dress up you Apple Watch.

Factors to consider

One of the greatest advantages of smart watches is their ability to be customized. There are a lot of customization that is done in terms of the software however the straps of the watches can also be customized to enhance their appeal. When it comes to customizing the strap of your Apple watch you will need to check on the compatibility. One has several options either purchase a strap for smart watch from the manufacturer or buy a compatible one from a third-party vendor. Highlighted below are some of the top bands for Apple watches that you need to be on the look out for the next time you go shopping for watch straps.

Barton Canvas Watch Band

Barton canvas bands are the best incase you are looking for something practical and casual. They are the perfect bands that you will find in the market. Most of them come in orange color however, you will find additional colors available in the market. You can find these bands of the official website or from other large e-tailers in the market.

Jord Harmonic Apple watch bands

The Apple watch bands are very nice however there are instances where you have to go out of your way to get something that is very unique. This is the case with Jord bands as they are made of stainless steel and real wood. There are different styles that are available to choose from and you can find the right material and combination that will compliment and add to your personal style. These styles are eye catching and uniquely different from other bands.

Nomad Titanium watch band

Apple might have made a very big mistake when they introduced their new titanium Apple Watch by not providing a titanium band. Fortunately, folks at Nomad were there to save the situation and they have provided titanium band that is available in black and silver. It is light in weight, snazzy and it’s the perfect accessory for your new ultra-light titanium apple watch.

Apple Watch band Hermes

Incase you are looking to buy bands for Apple watch that is able to transform your apple watch from utilitarian tech-savvy fashion bomb then hemes leather bands are exactly what you are looking for. They are found only on the apple store and they are designed by the French artisan from Barenia. These bands are made from smooth swift leather or Epsom. These designs are very elegant as well as understated. They are one of the most expensive Apple watch bands at a mere $330 and the most beautiful.

Apple Watch Band Milanese

The Milanese loop band apple watch is smooth, supple and very attractive. It is magnetic, very easy to fit around the wrist regardless of the size. The tight weave of the mesh makes it easy to snag on hairs around your wrist.

Apple Watch Sport Loop

Apple watch sport loop have been there since the Apple watch Nike edition and they are super comfortable, extremely breathable and perfect for every situation. The only shortcoming is that you have to wash it occasionally especially if you wear your watch during workout. Over time the band will start to stink and no amount of soap is able to prevent that. The good news is that it is very easy to get a replacement band. Apple has just released a very attractive alternative to the solid black band that has solved all these problems. They are also cheaper compared to the latter.