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When you create a website for business it is not all the things done. Very important is to get a quality traffic in your website. You can choose many channels to get web traffic : social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Linkedin; Google Ads – ads in search, remarketing, Google display network, Youtube prerolls, Gmail sponsored ads; banners in different niche sites and so on.

But one of the best channels is SEO (search engine optimisation) – positions in Google organic search. As we saw in many different clients Google Analytics accounts – it is a channel, that brings pretty much convertions – sales online, phone calls, emails and other calls to action. If you decide to optimise your website, firstly you have to know, what keywords has most searches in Google. Usualy people, that browsing web highly trusted Google organic search results.

Then you have to create URL’s to each keyword, that you want to optimise for. Don’t forget meta titles and meta descriptions – it is important signal to Google bots. Main keyword must be in your title and description (optionaly). Also use main keyword in text, headers, pictures, but not too much – over optimising is forbiden from Google. If you over optimise – search engine could punish you and ban your site for some time.

Create your robots.txt and sitemap.xml tags, that Google algorytms easily understand your website or e-shop. Write headers, put a video from Youtube with your products and services, images with alt texts, meta names and descriptions. Make a website easy to browse, understand the structure. Watch yours site visitors accquasition, behavior, funnels, convertions.

You can use free tool – Google My Business account and optimise it local. Write your name, description, keywords, products, services, put a pics, videos. Also you can publish your special offers for free. Get a nice photos to attract more good traffic and potential clients. Get as many reviews from you clients. Write a letter to your clients to review your Google account, also you can ask people on Facebook, Twitter to do that. Many reviews could increase your local SEO rankings easily.

And last but not least is backlinks in your website from other, high authority sites. They are very important signal to Google. If you have many strong links in your website, Google bots thinks, that your site is important and increases your rankings.

Get links in good reputation internet catalogues, business directories, your niche websites – forums, specialised sites. Look on after your competitors – what links do they have. Especialy those, who are in TOP-5 positions on Google search.

Avoid spammy, suspitios links from strange sites. Quality is very important aspect.

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