Search and Suggestion Software

If you plan to use these tools my suggestion would be to start with the Overture Search term Suggestion tool and then chose a narhorizontal sections (rows)ed list.  Once you have the fewer choices move to Word Tracker to make sure that you have the accurate information as far as the tense of the word is concerned. That is, if the singulars and plurals are accurate. Also check if the statistics are showing correctly that is matching with the other results.  In the case of different results and a miss match, utilize your common sense.Also remember to look out for misspelling in the case of using Word Tracker!

Following are a few Tips that will help you make the most efficient keyword selection :

  1. Adopt Layman thinking style: most people don’t know your industry as deeply as you do. Try to think of the product and describe it as a stranger would. Or as someone who just knows that they need the product and nothing else about it.
  2. ADOPT AN EXPERT’S STYLE OF THINKING:  this is to target the people from within the industry. These would be the words the industry people use to search for the product. Try to think of these phrases and you might just get lucky with some unearthed gems
  3. Avoid targeting too many phrases:  in an attempt to keep too many target words, people miss out on their most important ones. Staying focused on the few important key words will also keep the site specialized. The site will eventually reap higher return on investment for the narhorizontal sections (rows)ed list of keywords.
  4. TESTING: the words and phrases you use should be verified and tested. There is pay per click engines that help to determine whether a certain word is worth targeting, by testing the conversions.  It requires you to create an account with a pay-per click engine and bidding on the phrases  that you intend to target

It has to be kept in mind that natural engines provide for a lot more traffic than the ppc engines. To get better results the alternative phrases must also be tested along with the original target phrases.  The ones with higher results should be used.

These are not the same as natural engines. The natural engines do not use money per click; therefore the top ranking word isn’t expensive there.  As a result it is possible for it to produce a higher ROI even if it doesn’t produce high ROI on the ppc.

After the entire procedure you will have obtained a verified list of keywords that have high ROI and if by suing the ppc promotion you are getting a good return on investment, you could maintain the account to benefit from the extra traffic it is bringing in.