Sanitary Napkin Raw Materials – Why Use It For Sanitary Napkin And Diaper?

Breathable film is a vital material used in diapers. Diapers’ structure can be divided in three parts: the top sheet core layer that absorbs water and the final layer. The top layers of the diaper are comprised of non-woven material, the absorbent core layer is comprised of fluff and absorbent fibers, while the bottom material is comprised from PE films or PE plus non-woven fabric.

The principal function of the PE film’s breathable bottom film is to stop the possibility of leakage.

1.What is a breathable film?

Breathable films are generally the PE-based functional material that has water resistance, environmental protection and breathability. It is used to make the bottom layer of feminine sanitary napkins, the bottom layer of pads and the bottom layer of baby diapers, and so on. It is made up of non-woven fabrics , and is extensively used in the medical field for protective clothes. Isolation clothes and disposable mattresses, medical mattresses and home textiles. The bottom layer of the breathable film is air-tight, sanitary napkin raw material purpose this process is vital.

2. Breathable film production process

(1) Casting compounding. This method is based on the viscosity of the material after the hot-melting of plastic particles. Its disadvantage is that it’s almost airtight. In 2014, there’s no way to make use of this method to create a true high-quality, breathable film that is air-tight, high temperature resistant and water-proof.

(2) Applying glue with a spray or scrape. The process was initially used to make sanitary napkins, diapers, as well as protective clothing. Nowadays, most manufactures in the United States use this process to make highly breathable material that is waterproof and breathable. The downside is that air permeability is quite low because the micro-holes that are in the middle are closed by the hot melt adhesive. Additionally, the most serious disadvantage is that the resistance to temperature is quite low and can only stand up to temperatures of 60°C. Since this glue is an adhesive that is pressure sensitive (self-adhesive). An example of this is that in winter the double-sided tape becomes non-sticky , and it will delaminate however in summer the glue that is on the tape’s surface melts. The durability of the waterproof breathable film created by this method is imagined. This waterproof breathable film is likely to be a fake product and has no market for it for it in European or American countries.

(3) Hot pressing compound. Presently, the market in the US is a bit shaky with few companies that make an breathable and waterproof film. In reality, the waterproof breathable film must be extremely breathable, highly resistance to temperature, anti-aging as well as the pressure of hydrostatic must be greater than 2 meters. The process of production should consist of pure technology for thermal composite without glue, and therefore it can attain an resistance to temperature greater than 110° high, as well as anti-aging and strength. It is the only domestic product that is able to match the EU standards and has the most advanced technology in our country.

3. Use of the breathable films in diapers

Permeability of the air is mostly measured by the number of air holes as well as the manufacturing process that produces the breathable bottom layer. The primary factor to consider is colloids, which includes structural adhesives and urinal adhesives.

While there is a small amount of structural adhesives that is used in diapers isn’t huge, selecting high-quality structural adhesives and breathable films as well as other raw materials to ensure the highest quality of diapers can be beneficial to the health, safety and well-being of infants and children. More info:

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