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Due to the fast spread of COVID-19, the demand for face masks and other safety equipments has been increased. Healthcare workers — who are on the frontlines fighting the virus — are finding that there is not sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep them secure. In a medical setting, surgical masks & N95 respirators are only made for one-time use. But, given the circumstances, several hospitals and emergency care centers are asking their doctors, nurses, & aids to wear a similar mask for days (sometimes weeks) at a time.

face mask masks
face mask masks

Face masks are currently in demand right now. Although the detailed guidelines and rules, most countries currently recommend people wear face masks when out & about, mainly in areas where social distancing is hard.

But nowadays people can get the face mask and other safety equipment easily by shopping online there are many portals providing handmade face mask and sanitizer hand wash etc.

Wondering where to purchase face mask masks & eye masks? Or what type of mask works best against coronavirus? Keep reading. We’ve found the top place to purchase face masks (including surgical face masks & reusable fabric face masks) right now. We also guide to what you must look in the face mask before buying, information on if and why you must wear a face mask.

Why should I Wear a Face mask?

The wearing of face masks & other mouth coverings tends to be a hot conversation topic, with official recommendation changing as we start to understand more regarding COVID-19. At the start of April month, World Health Organization WHO recommends the public to wear a non-medical face mask when out. Whether it’s compulsory or not depends on which state you’re in.

Before you hit the purchase button, be conscious that wearing a mask will not stop you from getting COVID-19. But, it could help shield others – if you’re carrying the virus but not conscious of it, donning a face mask could assist prevent others from infectious it from you. Medical-grade face masks, such as surgical masks & N95 masks, are in extremely short supply right now, so it’s mostly non-medical face masks that are being suggested to the general public.

Here are some face masks one can consider

Pollution Mask

You can purchase Pollution Mask as it can help you protect from COVID- 19, but it’s not as effective as N95. You can see this mask generally in several cities. In the last few years, their public suffering from Air pollution frequently. Both uses air masks, natives, or visitors; it’s ordinary. A person who goes to the office, sitting in the shop or marketplace, everybody uses Pollution masks. Not only in China, several cites of India and the USA are also suffering from Air Pollution.

While purchasing a pollution mask, you must consider some of the following things:

Mask guard from Dangerous Airborne Particles
It must be anti-bacterial & hypoallergenic qualities.
Natural UV & UVB protected would be fine.
Must be made of Eco-friendly fabrics

Medical Mask

Generally, people suffer from sneezing, wet nose, coughing, throat & headache when they infected from Coronavirus. On the other hand, Millions of individuals fight with cold each year. For Children, it’s riskier. To look after these issues, the doctor recommends Medical masks. The medical mask can filter germs & bacteria from the air. These masks also save from airborne in the air, which defectively effect on health.

Organic Cotton Mask

Organic cotton mask and eye masks are very comfortable to wear. As It is made of soft & comfortable material. Its major aim is to protect from bad particles in air, dust, mold & lint. You have to search a cotton mask with UV & UVB protected, and breathable, and reaction reduced and soft for your skin. You can wear it anytime, anyplace where you feel to want it like in traveling, crafting, cleaning plants, and others. I recommend you to wash before wearing for wellbeing.

face mask masks
face mask masks

Germ & Flu Mask

We recognize that flu & germs spread from the air from one person to a different through sneezing, talking, etc. Wearing this air masks can protect you from germs transfer. It guards you against allergens, germs, smoke, flu & cold viruses, and other pollution that liable for respiratory illness. Your mask must be anti-bacterial & hypoallergenic qualities. It provides you more protection from germs and makes you healthy. Are you looking to buy these masks for your safety? Here http://www.facemaskbuying.com/, you can find a wide variety of different face masks and eye masks at an affordable price.


Our world is in danger due to the COVID- 19 coronavirus and surrounding with innumerable bad gases. Also, Day by day pollution is growing in the atmosphere. Sometimes we have no idea about this deficiently affected air & we fall in disease. But we can save us and defend us with the newest technology, which we converted into Air Mask. Use Air Mask for your protection.