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Flags are a great symbol of a country, organization, company or a group’s identity and thus they serve an important purpose. There are various sizes and dimensions of flags that are available for sale and custom order at different stores. The custom desk flags or custom table flags are a miniature or small version of traditional flags and they form an important piece of decoration in an office, reception desks, presentation tables or counter tops. These custom desk flags are essentially small in size but they look great as well as elegant. These flags are a great way to brighten up and create a positive vibe in home, office or any other place.

Ordering custom desk flags

There are a number of different agencies, sellers and manufacturers who offer custom made flags to the customers as per their individual requirements and dimensions. The key factors that are considered when manufacturing a flag is the dimensions of the flag in terms of size and the symbol, pattern or design that will be printed or embossed on that flag.

The Pennant flags are one of the most popular manufacturers of custom made flags for different purposes. At Pennant flags you can get full flag color printing including club emblems, company logos, photos, hand paintings and even promotional messages. If you are looking for a custom desk flag then all you have to do is provide the necessary specifications and your idea of what you want to see on the flag will be put into practice by the Pennant flags.

As far as the fabric used in the making of custom desk flags or custom table flags is concerned the Pennant flags make use of Knit polyester, tribute satin and satin to manufacture the custom desk flags. The selection of these fabrics makes it easier for the process of coloring that achieves a smooth and sleek finish. The flags that are made using tribute satin will have a special, premium look so that it looks very attractive and polished.

The transfer of heat during the printing of these flags means that as a customer you have no limitation when choosing different shades of color. If you want to print any complex shade of color such as gradient or transitional then it can be achieved elegantly and with great detail thanks to the wonderful skills and technology provided by

The company is devoted and committed to providing every customer with finest quality of flags so that you are satisfied with the end product which will help in contributing to your eventual cause.

The flags need flag holders and stands for you to place it appropriately. There are various flag stands and holder options available for you at Pennant flags. Some of the options for flag holders that you can get here are marble, stainless steel, plastic, wood and acrylic amongst others. As a customer you can also order a bunch or multiple number of flags at once.

As mentioned earlier when it comes to color, size and shape, the Pennant flag offers complete customization to make the flag as per customer requirements. The standard shape and size of the custom desk flag that is most popular with the customers is 20×30 cm with the rectangular shape. When it comes to finishing, the flags are subjected to laser-cutting and they are double sided to produce neat edging. The double sided flags help in producing better display from various visual angles.

The popularity and efficiency of custom desk flags manufactured by Pennant flags is evident by the positive reviews and feedback provided by existing customers.