Here are some clues which tell us whether an id is fake or not. They are listed below–>

  • You should know the features of your state’s card.

Every state has different security features. We should know the security features of our state as well as the neighboring state. Some of these security features are listed below–>

  1. Watermarks
  2. Holograms
  3. Printed images
  4. Unique sizes and font colors
  • Ultraviolet lights

There are many cards on which information is visible only in ultraviolet rays. Without these rays, we cannot see the information on the ID. We have to tilt the ID at a certain angle for viewing the information on the ID. Moreover, on the driving license of Texas, you will find three stars as well as the seal of the state at the front part of the card.

  • The surface of the card

We can spot a fake id also by rubbing the surface of the card. While rubbing the surface of the card, if it feels bumpy or thick anywhere on the card, then the identity can be fake. Along with this, the edges of the id also tell about its originality. If the edges of the card are rough or are getting peeled off, then this is also a sign of a fake id.

  • Misspellings

There can be many spelling mistakes in a fake id. This is so because many times, fake ids are generated in a hurry which results in many spelling mistakes. So, we can check spellings also for identifying a fake id.

  • Ask questions

If you doubt that it is fake, then you should ask questions to the owner of the card. This is so because many people do not know about what information about them has been printed on their fake ids.


Here are some reasons which tell why people should not go for fake ids. They are listed below–>

  • One of the major reasons why people should not use a fake id is the penalties and charges. They are listed below–>
  1. Jail

If you get caught with a fake id, then you might be having to spend some time in the jail. Though there are laws for fake ids in which you have to pay a certain penalty, but in some cases, the victim is sentenced to the jail.

  1. Fines

In some cases, you can end up with the charge of a fake id simply by paying the penalty. The amount which you have to pay if you are caught for the first time is $1000 or less than this.

  1. Probation

If a person is sentenced to the probation then the victim has to regularly report to the probation officer, inform him/her if you are leaving the town, pay appropriate fines, etc.


A Scannable fake id is that id in which all the data of the user is stored into the magnetic strips of the card. This data can be easily retrieved and read with the help of scanners. The card is passed through the backlight and many tests to make it flawless.

The premium scannable fake ids are useful in many places. For example, people can purchase a phone plan, they can enter into the pubs and night clubs without any restrictions, etc. These things make memories for many unforgettable people. Just like these, there are many reasons to buy a fake id.

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