Piyo Workouts from Beachbody

Eight new Piyo workouts have been released lately by Beachbody in a program referred to as ‘Piyo’. This is the first program from Beachbody and taught by the expert Chalene Johnson. This program is based upon the specific bodyweight workout technique and comprises of 8 types of workouts.

PiYo Workout DVD Beachbody Chalene Johnson's Base Kit Fitness 5 Dsic Set

Piyo workout types

  • Define – Lower Body. Helps to get leanest and sleekest legs possible and to strengthen and lengthen the entire lower body portion. It works on just about everything right from calves to hamstrings and glutes.
  • Align – Fundamentals. It helps to breakdown effective and crucial moves and make the person to perfect his/her form to derive the very best results. But, it is with the basics that one should start.
  • Sweat. The traditional type of Piyo workout tends to incorporate fast paced cardio, effective dynamic conditioning, body weight resistance, yoga flows, strength training, etc. to help sculpt the whole body.
  • Define – Upper Body: This amazing effective workout can be used to chisel away the upper body portion to shape up the arms, to carve out triceps and to define the shoulders.
  • Strength Intervals: This strength training program is of 25 minutes and is non-stop calorie incinerating and body carving workout not using any equipment or weights and does not offer any bulk.
  • Piyo Workout Core: It is an abs-centered workout which hits the powerhouse from every possible angle. It also helps to develop flat, sculpted abs, strong core and obliques including strong back.
  • Sculpt: It makes use of varying tempos for keeping the muscles under constant tension for differing time periods. It also helps to create muscular endurance and increases metabolic changes to transform the person’s figure.
  • Drench: It is an endurance workout that optimizes fat burning and also works on each and every muscle present in the body. This not only leaves the person to be fully drenched, but also kick-start his metabolism, thus doing away with the unwanted fats in the body.

The above 8 Piyo workouts program has been developed by Beachbody to make it appealing and useful to the already existing and massive followers. Besides the workouts, they also have managed to include numerous other components in the program to assist people to derive favorable results.

PiYo Workout DVD Beachbody Chalene Johnson's Base Kit Fitness 5 Dsic Set

  • Tape measure: Basically, this is a standard with all the Beachbody programs introduced and considered to be a simple way by which results can be tracked properly.
  • Nutrition Guide: It is also referred to as ‘Get Lean Eating Plan’. It is advertised as ‘simplified approach to lean and clean eating; that has been designed to fit perfectly the person’s taste bud preference and lifestyle. It also trains the person to know how different types of nutritious, delicious foods can be consumed to enable being adequately satiated, nourished and fueled as well as to define the best body possible.
  • 24/7 online support. An online community is present that allow all likeminded people to come together, to ask questions, motivate and discuss.

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