#MP3 Rocket Download Review

This shiny new LOC Expediter rocket is ready for induction into the Telstar Logistics fleet. It has been heavily reinforced to take the stress of big motors and a strap-on video camera to catch the launch action.

MP3 Rocket Download

For example, I Kevlar-wrapped the body tubes (the reduction coupler shows it unpainted) and fiberglassed the fins, tip-to-tip. The battery connections are soldered. I used a custom motor tube than runs up through the yellow coupler

To streamline the videocam cylinder, I glued half of a plastic Easter egg on top and fiberglassed the seam.

And the laser-cut vinyl flames come from GraphixnStuff. I met Dave at BALLS and was delighted to see a site dedicated to rocket decoration!

This will be my third camera to try to survive the g-loads of launch and the mishaps of reentry. The first one shredded on a V2 + K700 motor. Here is a “successful” Norad flight photo and video from camera #2 on an H210 motor (the next launch became a ballistic lawn-dart into the Black Rock Desert). This Expediter kit is a scaled up version of that earlier Norad rocket, and I will try successively larger motors to test its limits (J350, K550, L730… see ya! That last motor would certainly remove the camera as RockSim shows it screaming through Mach1… need a plan for that =)

MP3 Rocket is a service which gives you the ability to down load music and videos with no limits of any sort set on your usage of it. The service obeys all copyright laws and asks you to respond in kind by obeying them yourself. There are two types of account available to users (more on this in a minute) and there is a possibility for earnings through their affiliate system.

Certainly, there’s a lot of different services and programs out there which give you the ability to download MP3s. There’s so many that it can be hard to choose; many are simply a waste of time. However, we’re here to help, so here’s the lowdown on MP3 Rocket:

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5. The only downside is that you have to purchase your internet connection separately. The Gnutella network is not an internet service, just a music and MP3 service.

6. You’ll still have to have an internet connection, however. MP3 Rocket’s network is just a MP3 and video network, not an internet service.

7. There is one catch. You might find MP3 Rocket addictive. MP3 Rocket is not liable if you stop sleeping, eating or going to work.

8. You’ll have to go to the MP3 Rocket site and sign up before you can use the service. You’re also going to need a computer to install the software on. A minor inconvenience, but MP3 Rocket will make everything easy from there on in!

MP3 Rocket offers users the freedom to download as much music and video as they want, as long as they follow the appropriate copyright laws – meaning: don’t sell your downloads, or share them with anybody.

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