Meeting Your Bulk Requirements of Top Quality LPG Cylinders

With ever increasing demand for cleaner energy sources it is now becoming apparent to governments and people that more suitable energy power needs to be harnessed. As for replacing coal and wood the best alternative for household cooking needs is LPG cylinder. Although not as environment friendly as solar or wind power, it has however carved a niche for itself due to easy usability and minimizing air pollution.


It is a flammable mixture containing hydrocarbons and is mainly used for heating home cooking appliances and vehicles. Of late, there is increasing demand for it being put to use as an aerosol propellant and for refrigeration. Studies have established it to be really good for minimizing ozone level damages unlike other chlorofluorocarbons.

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Why Quality of LPG Cylinders Matter?

There is little to doubt that quality of LPG cylinders matter a great deal when its commercial production and usage starts. In the first place the gas has to be filled in high quality pressurized vessels called gas cylinders. For usage among ordinary public the gas has to be properly filled into the cylinders for it is highly inflammable.

There is only few LPG GAS CYLINDER MANUFACTURER or companies that have the capacity to provide world standard cylinders for consumption at any part of the world. Gas is stored at 80 to 85% of the container as anything above that prescribed limit may have dangerous consequences. For instance, there is always the possibility of thermal expansion due to temperature outside. Any fire nearby or any mishap may pave way for explosion too.

Yet over time enough research has been carried out and especially by leading suppliers of cylinders worldwide such that the quality of material has been as per the prescribed standards laid down by International Organization for Standards. As per required standards on LPG there are strict conditions that must be followed by manufacturers while applying for ISO.

This means that there are lots of best manufacturing practices to be followed in order to bring out top grade end product. Consumers are wary of bad quality product and only LPG GAS CYLINDER COMPANY that has strict controls and quality checks can make inroads into this market.

Strict Rules and Regulations for Manufacture

LPG cylinders are marketed by companies that have state of art technology with them. Such companies are uncompromising on both standards they have set upon themselves as well as quality of product. In order to keep up to international stipulated standards, pressure vessels ought to be of top quality to store LPG in a refinery or gas plant.

Apart from the steel body that is of hard quality steel the process of manufacturing LPG cylinders is done within set standards. Usually, steel sheets are cut to sizes with the help of modern cutting machine and these are then turned into blanks. Again, these blanks are further deep drawn on power press into two halves later joined as full cylinder.

Only skilled technicians using skilled technology like in TIANLONG LPG CYLINDER manufacturing company may be able to supply such high standard products.

Quality of Accessories is of Utmost Importance

It is not just gas cylinder, but quality of its accessories too has greater importance as they are fitted with parts keeping fool proof security in mind. As per ISO rules each part of the cylinder for storing LPG ought to be as per prescribed quality. In such case it is imperative on part of LPG manufacturers to have their own quality and control checks while ordering of valve body, valve stem, valve outlet and valve operating mechanism.

Apart from the above, companies ought to make sure that they have dependable fixed liquid level gauge, excess flow valve, eduction tube, liquid level indicator, and sediment tube and pressure relief valve.

As for the factory area local governments have their own specific responsibilities that assure safe and satisfactory bottling process. These measures are aimed to give both workers and people residing outside greater security while the process is going on.

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