Main questions about Oud oil and agarwood oil answered

About Yuzhi oud oil

Yuzhi means together. The trademark is from china aiming to recollect the plants present in each and every country. It is a renowned oil manufacturing industry. It has the most pure and best quality oud oil. It acts as the source of perfume and fragrance. The brand is prevalent in over 50 countries. Every month 100kgs of oud oil (which is pure) is made and is supplied to its customers who are sitting at any part of the world. It is why they are recognized on a wide scale. They are the leaders of the plantation (management formed for agarwood trees). They also aim at developing new items sustainably. Responsibility is taken communally. There are around 50 people who work to plant around 3,00,000 trees. These trees are agarwood trees since April 2015. Their idea of sustainability is amazing. They believe in giving more in return like whenever any tree especially agarwood tree is cut, it is made sure that two agarwood trees are planted in situ conservation. This is how they are able to contribute more and more for the future benefit like in for earth, safeguarding the imminent generation and giving a positive hope for the society and the nature.

Agarwood oil
Agarwood oil

Agarwood Oud Oil

Agarwood oil (gharuwood, aloeswood, etc) is taken from agarwood tree, for giving a beautiful smell or fragrance it is used various items. These are in incense sticks, etc. Agarwood oil is made from a tree called Aquilaria trees. Due to significance, it is regarded as one of the trees used for religious purposes. The tree is reckoned to be close to the almighty. It has power which is mysterious and can treat people who are dealing with some serious problems or illness. If it is applied on a daily basis, it can bring you a lot of advantages.

Q1. Why agarwood is exclusive and posh?

Ans. Agarwood’s demand and supply is the only and main cause for agarwood being so posh and exclusive. Besides its demand and supply, it takes a lot of time to grow fungus for its formation, as agarwood is gained from the fungus. Also, because of its vast variety of uses, almost everyone wants it. Industries like the makeup and fashion uses and admires agarwood a lot because of the beautiful fragrance that it carries inside.

Q2. Why is agarwood known to be illicit?

Agarwood is the most exclusive material to have ever existed in the whole world. Because of which, it is traded across different nations worldwide in an illegal manner. Its value and demand is at its peak. That is why it’s not allowed to trade. Even because of its more and more use, it can die and become extinct within few days. By the (CITES) convention on international trade in endangered species of world flora and fauna it is listed under the category of one of the threatened species on the planet.

Q3. What are the advantages of the agarwood?

Ans. Since ancient times, Chinese have been using agarwood as written in Chinese medical history. They have known all its benefits. It can help cure the problems related to the digestive system by supporting the digestion, relax the ripple that happens inside the body especially the muscles and can be terribly painful (neutralize it by calming and balancing the muscles), normalize the important internal body parts. It can dismiss the pain, cure halitosis and help the kidneys to function properly. It lessens uneasiness in the chest area, lessen the intestinal area pain, relieve asthma and treat diarrhea. It can remove any scope of extra water holding capacity. Agarwood’s oil can also help in treating depression and anxiety which is almost there with every person.

Q4. What is agarwood’s odor?

Just Like its name, agarwood smells like a wood. It carries unfamiliar notes of florals and fruits which are found to be bright. It too has some odor of musk and vanilla. Because of all these combinations it is a beautiful and widely spread oil for perfumes and fragrance.

Yuzhi Oud
Yuzhi Oud

Oud Oil

Q1. What are the ingredients of oud oil?

Though the agarwood is solely made in the forests or farmsteads and fetched to the distillers. The left part of the wood is made to convert into Yuzhi Oud oil. For faster extraction wood is bathed in water before the distillation process happens. Commonly, there are 2 techniques of distillation.

Q2. What is the reason that oud is expensive?

Ans. Oud is the resin-soaked wood. The oil distilled from the resin bathed wood is what is known as Oud. Oud is rare to be found therefore it is exclusive and is luxurious to be sold. It is so rare that only wild agar trees can produce the oud oil. Also, there are only 2% or less than it available to form the oud oil. According to China YuZhi Oud, one of the biggest China Oud Oil manufacturer, the best oud originates from the oldest tree. These oldest trees are found almost nowhere (making it unavailable).