Industrial Ball Valve mechanism and types

Industrial Gate Valve is necessary for different types of businesses for efficient and smooth operations. The ball valve on the other hand is considered to be a valve constructed with a spherical disc. It is the valve part that controls fluid and gas flow through it. There is a port or a hole in the sphere right through the middle. As the port gets in line with the valve’s both ends, there is likely to occur flow. As the valve closes, the hole becomes perpendicular to the valve’s ends, thereby blocking the flow. The lever or handle is likely to be in line with the valve’s port position thereby allowing you to ‘view’ its position.

Why choose Ball valves?

Similar to Stainless Steel Gate Valve, ball valves are quite durable and well designed. Its objective is to derive perfect shutoff even after not being used for several years. Hence, they are termed to be a wonderful choice especially for shutoff applications. Often, they are preferred much more than that of gate valves and globe valves just because of this particular purpose. But they do not seem to provide that fine control something deemed crucial especially in throttling applications. However, at times, they are meant to be used to serve this purpose.

Pressure Seal Gate Valve and ball valves are extensively used in the industry as it is quite versatile. It also is known to support very high pressure to about 700 bars with temperatures reaching about 200 degree Celsius. Its typical size may range around 0.5 cm to about 30 cm. It is also easy to operate as well as repair.

Know the Ball valve types

In general, there are available five ball types in the market. These are welded, top entry, split body, three piece body and single body. The difference noticed is determined by how the valve pieces, especially the casing part comprising the ball is assembled and manufactured. In ease case, valve operation seems to be the same. Going through portals like can give a better idea and the details about different types of valves.

Also are present different styles that are associated with the ball’s bore mechanism.

The full port is also referred to commonly as the full-bore ball valve. It is rather an over-sized ball such that the hole present within the ball is found to be of the same size like that of the pipeline. This, in turn, causes lower friction loss. There is found unrestricted flow. However, the valve is found to be much larger and also more expensive. Hence, Industrial Ball Valve of this type is used only if there is required free flow like in pipelines needing pigging.

Reduced port is also referred to as reduced bore ball valves. Its flow is noticed through the valve where one pipe size is found to be much smaller when compared to the pipe size of the valve. This causes the flow area to be much smaller when compared to the pipe. Since the flow discharge is found to be constant as well as equal to the flow area (A) times, Velocity (V), therefore, A1V1 = A2V2. Therefore, as velocity increases, there is noticed reduced flow area. Using the best branded Industrial Gate Valve can help increase overall operation efficiency in business.

On the other hand the V-port ball valve is said to have either a ‘V’ shaped seat or ‘V’ shaped ball. It allows opening as well as closing of the orifice, but in more controlled way. As the valve is found to be in closed position, opening gets commenced at the ‘V’s small end, thus opening it first. Thus, stable flow can be enjoyed at this particular stage. Such designs require more robust construction especially for higher fluid velocities. In this case, using a standard valve is likely to cause damage. Choosing Industrial Globe Valve from a reputed brand will be a great investment.