How to Get the Best Out of the Best Dehumidifier

Are you thinking about purchasing the best dehumidifier for your home? Like any appliances available, dehumidifiers need proper maintenance for them to last a long time. At the same time, proper caring for dehumidifiers makes it more efficient, making it work better without consuming more power. For those who are thinking about buying a dehumidifier, here are some maintenance tips.


Make Sure You Check for Ice Build-Up

There are certain dehumidifiers that may not be able to stand colder temperatures, which may lead to frost accumulation or ice build-up in the cooling coils. To avoid this, make sure that you regularly inspect the coils to make sure that they are not icing up. You can also opt to buy the best dehumidifier that comes with anti-frost or automatic defrosting functions.

Change the Filter

Best-DehumidifierEven if you bought the best dehumidifier, you may soon find that it takes longer to remove humidity. If you think that your dehumidifier takes longer to remove moisture, you may want to check the filter if it needs to be changed. In addition, make sure that you inspect and change the filter regularly for it to remain energy-efficient.

Do Not Overwork the Humidistat

A lot of dehumidifiers come with a humidistat that allows you to control the humidity in the room. If you set the humidistat and set it to yield low humidity, the dehumidifier may run continuously. Keep it in mind that it is not often necessary to set the humidistat too high for the unit to cool the room effectively. It may also cause the air to be too dry, which can cause discomfort. If the air is too dry, it may cause your wooden furniture to crack.

Avoid Short-Cycling the Cooling System

If you want to prolong the life of the best dehumidifier, never turn the unit off and turn it on right back again. The reason for this is that the sudden introduction of electricity to the unit may cause an imbalance in the pressure inside the refrigeration system. If you want to power cycle the unit, wait at least ten minutes before you turn back the dehumidifier on again.

Clean the Water Container Regularly

If you use your dehumidifier too often, you may need to clean the water container more often. This makes sure that best dehumidifier’s water container remains free from stains that may cause the unit to purify the air with less efficiency.

Run Your Dehumidifier When It Is Needed

To maximize the impact of the best dehumidifier, you do not need to keep it turned on all the time. It is often recommended to only switch on your unit when the humidity level in your room or household is over 50 percent.