How to Get a Delicious Chocolate Enrobing

The chocolate enrober, also known as chocolate enrobing machines, is a machine that coats different types of food with chocolate. You can coat the whole food or part of it, and you can adjust the speed. Candies, cookies, cakes, biscuits and candies can all be coated. Snacks and snack bars can also be covered. Nuts and fruits can also be covered.

The complete unit of a chocolate melter includes a rotating drum, chocolate melting pot, feeding band with wire mesh and a drain pan. There is also a blower at one end. The food will be placed on wire mesh and then transported to the bottom of a flow pan. This will drain the chocolate continuously like a curtain, and finally the blower will evenly blow the chocolate on the surface. You can drain the chocolate directly below the wire mesh using the two drainage holes located at the bottom. This will allow you to achieve a chocolate-coated bottom.

How do you buy good chocolate enrober?

Customers may be confused by the many models and brands of chocolate enrobing machine available on the market. These are our guides:

1. The chocolate enrober functions

The chocolate enrober can be used to coat chocolate, but not all food types. First, the chocolate enrober does not cover all beans and nuts. M&M’s (dragees), mylikes and M&Ms are examples of such foods. They are made by a chocolate polishing machine. Chocolate sticks are another kind of food. They can be made from another type of chocolate enrobing machines, such as Pejoy and Pockey.

Second, some chocolate enrobers do not have a chocolate tempering function. This means that the chocolate tempering process must be performed by another chocolate tempering machine. Tempering is essential for crystallization of pure cocoa. This function can only be performed by technologically advanced companies in the chocolate enrober. Papa Machine, a Papa 30 Model Chocolate tempering/enrobing machine, is one of them. It perfectly solves the chocolate tempering/enrobing function.

2. The purpose of chocolate enrober

What’s the purpose of chocolate enrober? The commercial chocolate enrober is the best choice if you are using the chocolate enrober in your shop or home. The industrial chocolate enrober is what you will need if you are using the chocolate enrober to produce chocolate in your factory’s production line. You should ensure that the chocolate enrober is the right size for your space, particularly if you are considering a cooling tunnel. Also, make sure that the width and height of the chocolate bars fit within your food production lines.

3. Capacity of the chocolate-enrober

The commercial chocolate machine is best for small batches of hundreds to thousands of chocolate products. If you are producing large quantities of chocolate products every day and you have increasing demand, an industrial chocolate enrober should be your choice.

4. Chocolate enrober brands

Brands are responsible for determining quality and price. The chocolate enrober was developed first in France, and then gradually expanded to Europe. There are many quality European brands, such as Nielsen, W.C.Smith, Selmi. However, there are also good brands in North America, such as Sollich. They are all high-quality machines, but they come at a steep price. Customers have a second option with Chinese chocolate enrober. The chocolate enrober made in China can compete with the most famous brands, and it is also relatively affordable. This is due to China’s growing technology and demographic dividend. Good brand is synonymous with quality and excellent service. Visit here:

5. The chocolate enrober: Advantages and disadvantages

Commercial chocolate enrober has many advantages: it is small, portable, easy to use, and energy-saving.

Commercial chocolate enrober has some disadvantages: Low capacity, not fully automated, discontinuity.

Industrial chocolate enrober has many advantages: high capacity, compatibility with production lines, continuity, fully automated, and excellent final products.

Industrial chocolate enrober has its disadvantages: Large space, high cost, and unmovable.