Guidelines to Increase the Performance of Diamond Wire Saw Tools

To improve Diamond tools’ quality we have discovered 7 efficient ways to improve the quality of diamond tools:

1. Use high-hardness diamonds for diamond tools manufacturing.

The quality of diamonds, their grit, and their concentration are the most important factors in diamond tools’ performance. There are numerous renowned diamond brands around the globe. The 20 and 30 huge high-hardness diamonds with a grit of.5 mm were made using China’s hinged cubic presses were able to pass the technical identification. Diamonds of this kind have advantages in terms of quality and cost in the international market. This means that manufacturers have a suitable alternative.

2. Make sure to use some metal components for the production of high-quality carbide on diamonds, to increase the tool’s grip on the diamonds.

A solid hold on diamonds can cause diamonds to not fall off the tools for diamonds in the early. Furthermore to this, it will make diamonds with great protrusion and height, which means that your diamond tool will be sharper and last longer.

The plating of diamonds using elements of metal, such as Cr, Ni-Ti W. This will result in an increase in carbide is an effective method of improving the diamond tools’ adherence to diamonds. This is principally due to three reasons. First, the plated materials are able to stop diamonds graphitization, oxidation, and heat corrosion Fe element at a particular temperature as well as pressure and time for the sintering. Additionally, the plated materials may form a carbide alloy at the contact between the diamonds and the bond of the tool during the sintering. This can be very beneficial to the chemical bonding as well as the metallurgical mixing of diamonds and the metals that form the bond of the tool. Thirdly, when the diamonds are plated with these metals and diamonds, their friction is increased. Get more info about Granite marble stone quarry machine.

3. Make use of ultrafine and pre-alloyed powder for the tools’ bonds.

The ultrafine powder can help reduce the temperature at which sintering takes place, and also increase the strength. The pre-alloyed material can keep metals with lower melting points from separating and losing their melting point in order to increase the yield and elastic limits of products that have been sintered as well as increase the tool’s ability to hold diamonds, lower the temperature at which sintering is conducted, and shorten the duration of heat preservation.

4. Make use of a great granulation technique for the creation of segments.

A good granulation technology will decrease the diamonds’ segregation as well as distribute the diamonds more evenly, enhance the cutting capabilities of segments, enhance the flexibility in the powder. gain the cold pressing process and decrease the dangers of dust for workers.

5. Use the vacuum protection hot pressing technique and equipment during the sintering procedure.

Sintering is one of the most important techniques in cutting blades made of diamond for manufacturing. It has an influence on the segment of the saw blade’s density as well as the hardness of the blade, its cutting performance, the technical performance of the equipment used for sintering as well as the production cost and the quality of the finished product.

6. Utilize the Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) along with high-temperature brazing for the production of diamond saws.

Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) can decrease the porosity of the beads and increase the beads density as well as hardness, toughness, and performance.

Brazing at high temperatures will ensure that the beads possess a decent diamond distribution as well as chemical bonding and metallurgy mixture that is a solid hold on diamonds and good protrusion heights of diamonds. Utilizing this method using diamonds, diamonds will be cut in half of the cost, the speed of cutting is 2 to four times that of the normal when the life span is the same, and manufacturing costs will be lower. For more info about diamond tools manufacturer, Visit here:

7. Utilize laser welding techniques.

Laser welding machines can enhance our welding quality. They are distinguished by large power, lower gas consumption, a lower operating cost, lower upkeep, dependability, the quality of the beam, and so on. When using the laser welding technique the way to fix the body of the saw blade and its segments are switched from manual to the fully automated mode, which is more precise and solid.