Gongfu Tea Set – What you Need to Know

Gong Fu is also known as Kung Fu in English. Gong Fu’s literal meaning in Chinese is “mastery over any task”. Kung Fu is often thought of as a form of martial arts. However, it can also refer to many other things. A Gong Fu tea is simply a skill in tea brewing. A Gong Fu set is used to make and serve Chinese teas.

Contrary to Japanese tea masters, Chinese tea masters value the taste of the tea more than elaborate moves while serving it. This type of tea set was deliberately designed to enhance its flavor. A clay teapot is preferred to a porcelain one.

Gong Fu teapots have a small handle on the side of their teapots, instead of a larger handle that extends over the top. These tea pots are sometimes called Yixing teapots. However, only Yixing teapots are made in China. These teapots made of small clay are available in China and Taiwan. Taiwan is known for producing the finest Chinese teapots.
A tray is used to place the tea set. The tray is typically made of wood but you can also get stainless steel trays. The tray’s primary function is to collect tea or water that has been poured or discarded during tea ceremonies. The channels in wooden trays allow water to flow down the channels to a tube attached to the tray’s outside. This tube allows for the water to be filtered through the tray to a bucket that is usually hidden under the table. Read more: www.admiringazeland.com

The tea set also includes small tea cups with handles. These are used for transferring tea from the tea container to the teapot. Prongs are used to remove tea leaves from the teapot. Often, smaller, more delicate cups are called aroma cups.
There are many Chinese tea sets available online. However, Gong Fu is the best for making green and oolong teas.

Gongfu Tea Sets from China

Gongfu tea is a great way to enjoy your favourite drinks. Gongfu tea set come with everything you need to enjoy Chinese Teas at Home or on the Go! We have the perfect set for you, whether you are looking for modern Asian tea sets or elegant Chinese tea sets.

Gongfu tea sets are the perfect gift for any occasion. With our large selection, you can be sure to find the right set for you. Gongfu Tea Sets are perfect for a cup of tea. Get yours today! Gongfu cha is also known as Gong fu tea. It is a traditional Chinese tea ceremony that involves brewing tea in a small pot and serving it in small cups. Gongfu tea sets can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907CE), when they were first used for royal families and aristocrats. Gongfu tea sets can still be used in China to brew tea and are popular worldwide as a way of enjoying tea at home or on the go. Gongfu tea sets are available in many styles, from traditional Chinese tea sets to contemporary asian tea set designs. There’s a Gongfu Tea Set for everyone, no matter your taste.