Get some info about Universiade and Summer Universiade

There are many types of sports and games related events that are held in different parts of the world. Some of these events are held on an international level, whereas some of them are held by different continents, and some by a group of countries. One of the biggest and most famous sports and games events among all the other such events is the Olympics. All these events involve different types of games and sports activities. Summer Universiade is also one such game and sports event. And if you are hearing about the Universiad for the first time, then you should know that it is also an international event. In many parts of the world, it is also being said as a mini Olympic.

 Who hosts Summer Universiade?

The Summer Universiade is hosted by International University Sports Federation, FISU. You should also know that there are both types of Universiade, the Summer Universiade, and the Winter Universiade. And both of these Universiade is hosted by FISU only. Many sportsperson and athletes participate in this game. Many of you might be thinking that this is a new sports event which has been introduced recently only. But you should both Summer Universiade and Winter Universiade are being held and hosted for a long time.

 When did the Universiade start?

The Universiade was started in the year 1959. It was held in Turin, Italy, and it was a Summer Universiade. And after that, the first Winter Universiade was hosted. It was hosted in the year 1960, in Chamonix, France. As we are talking about the Summer Universiade here, so you should know that it is hosted by FISU after every 2 years. And every time a new city organizes the Summer Universiade. Like the next Universiade which is the 2021 Summer Universiade will be organized by Chengdu city in China. That is why it is also known as Chengdu Universiade. In the year 2019, the Summer Universiade was hosted in Naples, in Italy. After the 2021 Summer Universiade, the city which will host the 2023 Summer Universiade is also being decided. The 2023 Summer Universiade will be hosted by Yekaterinburg City in Russia.

 Some facts about the Universiade

There are a few things which you should know about the Universiade. Like, after the Olympic Games, it is the Universiade, which is one of the largest multi-sport events which is held in different cities or locations after every 2 years. Another fact you should know about the Universiade is that how this name Universiade came. Those who are aware of the event Universiade and for whom it is being organized, they would have known how and why this event is named as Universiade. Universiade is a combination of two different words that are University and Olympiad. If you will look at the meaning of this word when you combine it, so it means that World University Games. So, you should now know, that this big multi-sport event is organized basically for the athletes from the different universities in the world. Students from different universities compete with each other in the Universiade in different games. There are some games which are compulsory in both Summer and Winter Universiade. Those games are played in almost every Summer and Winter Universiade. If you are a University student who wants to participate in the 2021 Summer Universiade then you should go and check their website to know the details. Here is the link to their website

 Summer Universiade

You now already know how frequently the Summer Universiade is organized and who hosts it. Despite the fact that everything that needs to be done is looked at by FISU only because of being the host of this multi-sport summer event, but it is organized by different cities every time. The cities or the countries need to fill the requirements and have to send it to the FISU so that they can get the chance to organize the Summer Universiade. The next 2021 Summer Universiade opportunity, which is also the 31st Summer Universiade is grabbed by Chengdu, China. This 12-day multi-sports event will be held in Chengdu, China from 8th August 2012 to 19th August 2021. You can get the complete details of the event from the official website which we have shared above.