Freezer Ice Packs and Cold Packs Aren’t Just For the runner!

In early 2008, I stepped up from the sofa and set out to participate in this year’s New York City Marathon. In the past year, I enticed my wife, some relatives, and some of my friends to also participate in the marathon. One thing that was common to everyone was that we all utilized the cold or ice packs to lessen the swelling that might occur in our joints.

Ice packs decrease inflammation by reducing blood vessels that surround the joint or limb that is injured. Also, cold causes numbness, and the sensation of pain is less. In this state, muscles begin to relax and the tension in the muscles or joints can be let go.

This is the reason that when one of my children they fall, bump their head, suffer an acrid nose or receive an accidental elbow from one of their brothers. First thing that we do is apply to the area that has been injured is a cold compress to help reduce swelling.

My doctor suggests the use of ice packs 15 minutes, then waiting for up to an hour before receiving the next treatment. Additionally, contact with an ice pack can cause frostbite. This was the case for my wife when she lay down while putting the ice pack on her knees. Therefore, wrap the pack in an ointment or towel! Always consult your physician prior to any therapy or exercise to get the most effective outcomes.

A simple plastic bag filled with ice can be used but they do leak, are difficult to form into shapes, and only work for a short time. When you use reusable ice packs they’re leak-proof and shape around joints, and once you’re done, they can be placed back in the freezer for the next time. Get more info about backpack cooler.

In the event of an emergency, or if there isn’t any refrigerator or freezer insight instant cold packs can help. The bag is filled with ammonium nitrate as well as an inner container of water. If the pouch is opened, the water disperses into ammonium Nitrate and chemical reactions. The ammonium Nitrate absorbs a significant amount of heat when the water dissolves, making the pouch-like ice. It is a great relief for a short period of time!

Cold packs that are reused are typically comprised of hydrogel, similar to that found in diapers. The gel is sealed in the form of a rubberized or plastic bag. When it is put in a freezer the gel contained in the bag keeps its cold temperature for longer than the ice.

Yes, you can make use of the frozen bag of vegetables. Remember that it’s supposed to be your dinner and not treating wounds. My joints and children are grateful to have cold packs!

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