Find the Right Jordan 1 Reps Shoes for Working Out

We didn’t realize that certain gear was required for certain exercises when we started our first fitness journeys. At least, I didn’t. My casual vans shoes were comfortable enough to wear while I ran, exercised, and cycled. After slamming my feet on the pavement, I would always experience frontal knee pain. This pain made it impossible for me to run long distances.

Despite the fact that I was primarily going to the gym, the vans were perfectly suitable as they were flat and I didn’t realize my mistake when it came time to running or cycling. Running in shoes with such loose and long laces, such as those worn by the vans, is dangerous.

The right jordan 1 reps shoes are essential for any type of exercise. You need to consider what shoes you are wearing, whether you’re running, cycling, CrossFit, or simply going to the gym. This was something I looked into especially when I was searching for the best workout shoes.

For example, running shoes have a high drop. This means that the heel is higher than the toe.

For squats, you need to maintain a neutral flat motion. You will need a flatter shoe for this purpose. To avoid rambling, I have compiled a list of tips to help you choose the right kind of shoe for you, regardless of whether you are a male or a female.

Here are some tips to consider when looking for the right workout shoes


You’ll quickly wear out your soles and bottoms if you use your shoes for going to the gym or doing other exercises like squats, deadlifts, etc.

Shoes that have been rated for durability are best, especially for gym shoes. A pair of leather shoes can be worn for as long as they are flat and not for any exercise that requires bending.


It is important to consider the purpose of your shoe. If you do a lot of running, then you should get a running shoe. If your primary exercise is CrossFit, then you should look for shoes that are suitable for CrossFit. If your main activity is powerlifting or bodybuilding, then a flat shoe is best. To prevent injury, you may need cleats or laces for cycling.

You might not want to run or train at the gym. For example, hiking might be your type of exercise. In that case, you will need support and cushioning. You also need protection from the elements. To prevent any debris or rocks from entering your shoes, a bootlace and gaiters may be a good idea.

Last but not least, if your main focus is strength training (Think powerlifting so deadlifts or squats), then you will need a sturdy, stable, and non-compressible shoe. These shoes are typically made of leather. Because your feet must remain on the ground, they are flat.

Take into account your foot type

Are you a narrow-footed person? Maybe you have a narrow foot? These are important considerations when choosing the right workout shoe.

You can go shoe shopping in most shoe shops and they will usually evaluate your foot. After that, you can then take the information home and search for shoes online at a discounted price.


For many people, price is a major deciding factor. I won’t go into detail about the shoes below. You should never compromise on quality in exchange for a lower price. The shoe won’t last a year.

A few final words

It is important to like the shoes you are buying. They don’t have to be ugly. Shoes that are more attractive will inspire you to train harder and give you confidence.

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You can see that there are many things to be aware of in order to avoid injury and maximize your workouts so you can improve and become an athlete. You can find more tips, workouts, and drills on The Ultimate Primate, our health, and fitness website.