Exploring the stunning Tibet

Tibet is regarded as one of the most stunning locations in the world and as a result it is also a premium holiday destination for a lot of people across the globe. The autonomous region of Tibet consists of seven prefectures in the form of Ngari, Nagqu, Lhasa, Xigatse, Qamdo, Nyingchi and Shannan. If you are planning a Tibet tour then you must know that Tibet spans across world’s largest and the globe’s highest plateau. The plateau of Tibet spans several provinces that include Qinghai, northern Yunnan, western Sichuan and southwestern Gansu. For this reason Tibet is popularly known as “Roof of the world”. There are some parts or areas of the Tibet that are so isolated and remote that they are uninhabited even in these modern times. The plateau of Tibet is bounded by two powerful ranges in the form of Himalayan range and the Thanggula range.

Experiencing Tibet

Tibet is an amazing location that is steeped in long history and vivid civilization. Here you can experience rich Tibetan culture, different climatic conditions and see various amazing tourist spots that are breathtaking as well as gorgeous. In terms of transportation there are various facilities or amenities that are available for tourists to move in and explore the region. Some of the common modes of transportation that you can find here includes buses, jeeps, hitch-hikes and bicycles amongst other options.

Some of the fascinating places that you can visit in Tibet includes Potala palace, Jokhang temple, Barkhor street, Summer palace of Dalai Lama, Namtso lake, the Rongbukk monastery, Jiuzhaigou and Chamdo amongst others. Jiuzhaigou is a popular tourist destination that is listed on UNESCO world heritage and the place is stunning with its scenic settings charming the visitors.

If you are planning to visit Tibet then you should consider visiting the place in the months of winter. Though summer is the preferred option to visit Tibet for most of the tourists, you will find that visiting the region in winter has its own advantages. Here are the three primary reasons why you should seriously consider visiting Tibet during the winter.

Cheaper travel expense: The winter season is the perfect opportunity for the tourists to enjoy travel, transportation, entry tickets and tour packages at discounted price since the rates are slashed for the off season. Additionally the tourists also get free entry to various renowned tourist spots beginning from the 15th of October and this offer lasts for the whole period of 5 months of winter. The landmark of Tibet and Potala palace offer free entry up to 15th of March. Besides this there is also 50% off on 3 star + hotels as well as air tickets.

Another factor why you should consider going in winter is lesser crowd. During summer the different locations in Tibet are all crowded and you would find photographers clamoring for same spot to take the perfect shot. The roads are busy, the tourist destinations are packed and thus if you choose winter for your trip then you don’t have to worry about these factors thereby enjoying your holidays in peace and tranquility. With lesser crowds you can also stroll through the Barkhor street of Lhasa and enjoy the proceedings around the place.

While the temperatures are low and it’s cold during winter but the conditions are not as extreme as some people suggest. It does get particularly cold during the night but during daytime its warm with bright sunshine.

Some of the important tips when you are travelling to Tibet are as follows. Take sufficient warm clothes with you to prepare for the significant gap in the temperatures. You should also carry sun-screen products with you because the sunlight in the winter season can be potentially damaging to your skin. It is possible that some of tourist spots might potentially be closed off on account of snow. So it is better to check with your Tibetan travel operator or agency before you set off for any of these locations to avoid inconvenience.

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