EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel Manufacturers in China

Runxin Building Material Company is an insulated and decorative EPS cement sandwich wall panel manufacturer in China. Our sandwich wall panels mainly include stone texture wall panel, tile texture wall panel, mosaic texture wall panel, marble texture wall panel, corrugated texture wall panel and wood texture wall panel. Our company integrates scientific research, manufacture, sales and service. We are specialized in providing decorative and energy-saving design projects for new and renovated buildings, and our wall panels are widely applied for mansion, villa, hotel, residential building and stadium decoration.


Our sandwich panels are energy-efficient, and are low-carbon products made with eco-friendly materials. Runxin insulated wall panel and decorative wall panel are popular for advantages as follows:

1. Energy efficiency.
2. Excellent heat retention and insulation, sound insulation and aesthetic design.
3. Durability, ease of operation, good resistance to fire, earthquake and water.
4. Our wall panels are safe and natural friendly.

Our company performs customer-oriented developing, marketing and service process. We have been awarded ISO9001: 2000 quality system certificate, high-tech enterprise certificate, and CE certificate one after another since 2007. In order to maintain quality of insulated and decorative wall panels, we have established Quality Inspection department, and we test all of our products in the National Research and Analysis Center of Chemical Building Materials, and thus we provide quality eco-friendly facing panel, decorative siding and metal board for customers.

We continually strive to reduce our costs. We have made large investments in acquiring advanced technology and production lines to provide tile texture wall panel, mosaic texture wall panel, and decorative wall panels at lower prices. We have our own patents, and our wall panels are recognized as green, energy-efficient, and fire-resistant products in China. Based on our technology and efforts, our exterior wall panel and decorative wall panel are popular in Russia, Iran, Turkey, South Korea, Kazakhstan, the US, and many other countries.

We focus on providing on time service for customers. Delivery time of our wall panel is one to two weeks after the receipt of your order. We can provide insulated wall panel in fine brick texture, coarse brick texture, stone texture, tile texture, mosaic texture, marble texture, wood texture and corrugated texture. Beihai Building Material Company is located in Beijing, China. Convenient sea and air transport makes us provide quality wall panels at economical prices. We also provide OEM service.

Company Name: Guangdong Runxin Building Material Co., Ltd.
Address: No.82, Qintong Tech Park, Sanliang South Road, Changping Town, Dongguang City, Guangdong Province, China
Email: [email protected]
Mobile Phone: +86-138-2929-4776
Website: https://www.qvbuilding.com