Electric Breast Pump: How to stop breastfeeding the painless way?

Giving birth to child is undoubtedly one of the most amazing things to happen in the life of a woman. It is her duty and responsibility to feed her baby periodically to ensure he/she is in good health and grows healthy. Breastfeeding is an absolute importance as it has the right nutrients to satisfy the baby’s hunger. However, breastfeeding for working mothers might prove to be a dilemma as well as a painful one. This is where the Electric Breast Pump can come to the mother’s help.

Nursing the baby

This is vital for mother-son/daughter bonding and to keep him/her in good health. Most working mothers do their best to breastfeed their baby as much as possible before getting back to work for 3-6 months. Then what? Breast engorgement is considered to be the natural consequence to discontinue breastfeeding. Milk producing glands continue overnight milk production just because you planned suddenly to stop nursing. This can be compared with a water balloon getting filled up tighter and tighter. It is not likely to hurt. Hands Free Breast Pump is a wonderful option to choose.

How to stop breastfeeding?

You may be eager to stop breastfeeding your baby the painless, natural way. This is possible with a gradual taper. With the young toddler stating to eat various types of foods, he/she is likely to need less of mother’s milk. Trying to lengthen the gap between the feeds can help reduce gradually the milk supply. Going through reputed portals like https://www.joysatech.com can give you a better idea.

If you desire to discontinue nursing before your little one becomes old enough to eat regular foods, you are to supplement using infant formula or pump your breasts with Wearable Breast Pump.

Breast pump

Often, breast pumping works as pumping helps empty the breast less efficiently when compared to nursing. This can be compared to like that of the child getting nursed, but less. Pumping the breasts enough will only reduce the milk supply to provide relief to engorgement discomfort. However, it will not be sufficient enough to empty completely the breast.

In case you do not desire to pump the breasts, then there are available viable options. You can allow leaking of some milk by triggering purposefully the let-down reflex. It will be effective to have a hot shower. Milk is likely to leak, but in fewer amounts, sufficient enough to provide relief to discomfort and pressure. Using Electric Wearable Breast Pump is a better way to take out milk from the breasts.

Little scientific evidence is amiable to suggest other treatments. Additional pain and leakage might result from breast binding. Cabbage leaves are often used by some women in their bra for suppressing lactation. But the benefits derived from this practice are yet to be confirmed through medical studies.

Before you start to use Hands Free Silent Portable Breastfeeding Pump, you should first consult your doctor. The professional will evaluate your health and accordingly suggest if it is good for you to go ahead with this practice or not.