Different interesting ways to prepare coffee

There are many who just love to have a cup of coffee right at their bed after waking up and other times of the day or night. Having coffee for many is likely to set their mood in perfect shape to enjoy the whole day. It could be that you are tempted to visit the nearest coffee parlour to have your daily cup, but it can decrease your monthly budget. Fortunately, there are different simple ways by which, you can prepare your perfect coffee at any point of time, you desire to have. It is much easier than you imagine. You can store your beans correctly, use the best filters, milk pitcher. This will help avoid unwanted off-flavours or bitterness from the cup. Be it the best blend that you are able to manage from the market or an estate grown brew, following the given below methods can help you to derive a satisfying and delicious cup of coffee each time you prepare them for yourself, family and friends.

How to make good, delicious coffee

Three common ways are there to prepare coffee at the home without any hassle. Classic drip-coffee machine has always been the favourite. However, pour over coffee also is increasing in popularity, while the French press is gaining favours from many coffee lovers. All of them are easy to prepare, but will require having the right resources including a good, branded coffee jug.
As general rule, there is recommended ground coffee of 15 gms for 8 ounce cup. If you are to prepare 4 cups, then ground coffee of 60 gms is to be taken or about ¾ cup or 6 coffee scoops.

ϒ⁄ Drip:

It is quite simple and you will be able to prepare around 12 cups in one go, depending upon your machine.

o Grind beans to uniform consistency, if whole beans are used, similar to that of granulated table salt and transfer it to a filter and place in drip machine. Then swivel water spout over ground center.

o Now, pour clean water within the machine’s back portion and then press on button.

o Switch off once brewing is completed to prevent burnt taste.

o Clean machine by filtering through vinegar and water mixture, every month to remove built-up residue.

ϒ⁄ Pour Over:

It is undoubtedly the best to have aromatic, complex and delicious coffee.

o Boil water in kettle or coffee pitchers.

o Grind beans to uniformity if whole beans are used like that of granulated table salt.

o Place filter in brewer and then rinse using hot water to eliminate papery residue on filter. Then warm brewer to keep coffee hot much longer. Next discard rinsed water

o Add grounds to filter and ensure level surface. As water gets between 195 & 205 degree Fahrenheit, pour slowly and steadily sufficient water over grounds for complete saturation, right from middle and then work way outwards. Prior to coffee starting to drip through, stop pouring, termed as ‘bloom’ pour to allow coffee to de-gas.

o Pour remaining water slowly and keep water in dripper between three-quarters ½ & ¾ full. It will take approximately 3-4 minutes. Then remove filter carefully and serve!

ϒ⁄ French Press:

With this method, you can now caffeinate just like any European and enjoy your morning coffee.

o Firstly boil water in kettle.

o Grind whole beans, if used, to consistency, like that of breadcrumbs (coarser than what was derived for pour over). In size, the grounds are to be uniform, without fine grit. Now, include grounds to French press.

o Once water is between 195 & 205 degree Fahrenheit, add it to French press. Then stir vigorously into grounds. For 4 minutes, brew it properly and plunge the press slowly, separating grounds from coffee and serve!

o In case, you do not have plans to dink immediately the coffee, then avoid leaving in French press. This is because, it will start to sit on grounds, thus emanating an unwanted bitter taste. Instead, you can pour coffee into carafe and enjoy later when desired.

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