Cryptocurrency Wallets: Know the types and security aspects

There are several investment platforms that are traditional being used to park the hard earned money and to get better returns. However, the advent of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins has only revolutionized the way how financial investment is done by individuals and businesses alike. However, not being regulated by any government or country, you need to make a wise and knowledgeable approach when making investments. Since it is completely digital, there are also chances of your investments getting hacked. This is where, you will require having Cryptocurrency Wallet that will enhance your Bitcoin security level.

Types & Varieties

When wallets are concerned for cryptocurrency, several types exist that you should look into. Reputed brands like Beevault allow its users to access as well as store digital currencies in multiple ways. Security of your investment is paramount and hence, you should select only the best tool like the BEEVAULT Wallet. There are three categories, namely:

  • Paper wallets
  • Hardware wallets
  • Software wallets

Software wallets

They can be further divided into the following types:

  • Mobile software wallets: You need to install an app to run this software on your smartphone device. It is accessible everywhere including malls and retail stores. It is much smaller and simpler when compared to desktop-based ones and fits perfectly within limited space on your mobile set.
  • Online software wallet: This is a Cloud-based software and can be accessed any place and on any mobile device. It also stores your private keys online. There are also present third-party controlled keys, thus making it vulnerable to theft and hacks. You can find out more information on how to secure your cryptocurrency by logging onto
  • Desktop software wallets: They are designed and developed to be installed on laptops and desktops. It is known to provide very high security levels as only it is accessible from the computer where it is installed. But if the computer gets infected by virus or hacked, then there are chances of losing all your investments.

How secure is Bitcoin Wallet?

There are present digital wallets of different types that offer its users with varying security levels. Hence, you need to carry out proper and thorough research to make sure that you are aware of which one to choose that will offer the highest security to your investments.

Security aspect offered to your cryptocurrency is based on two major factors, namely:

  • The selected provider and
  • The wallet type chosen like mobile, desktop, online, paper or hardware

You can always trust brands like Beevault to secure and enjoy worry-free investments.

Which one to choose – Online or offline type

It will be a wise to choose offline storage methods rather than online. You need to consider the different security measures that are offered by the providers. In case, your private keys are lost, then all your money present in the wallet is likely to get lost forever. Also, if you by mistake transfer some funds to any scammer or your wallet gets hacked, then it is not possible to reverse this transaction or reclaim your lost money. Hence, you should choose only the best tools like the P2F DeFi Wallet.