Best 5 solar street light manufacturers China 2023

With China being the home of over a hundred manufacturers of solar street lights, the country is truly the haven for solar street light technology. With so many manufacturers to choose from, it can be a challenge to decide which one to do business with.

Whether you are looking for a solar street light manufacturer in China or you are planning to set up your own company, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve provided you with 5 top solar street light manufacturers in China. You can choose one of them according to your budget and location preference.

A Side Note:

You should also keep in mind when you are sourcing solar lighting products in China that they have specific provinces that specialize primarily in solar LED lighting. Shenzhen, Jiangsu, and Yangzhou are all places where you can find a good number of solar street light manufacturers. As a result, we have a lot of companies on this list that come from these places. Most importantly, the listed companies were selected for their top spots based upon market demand, customer satisfaction and product reliability.

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Best 5 solar street light manufacturers China 2023

1, Cmoonlight solar street light manufacturer


The Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, and has been engaged in R & D and distribution of solar power systems, solar led street lights, split solar street lights, solar traffic lights, solar flood lights, and integrated/all-in-one solar street lights since 2010.

Integrated/all-in-one solar street lights are Moonlight’s belief of the future of solar street lighting, so we are concentrating on making a lot of technical accumulation on integrated/all-in-one solar street lights. A year ago, they invented a foldable, all-in-one solar street light. They are very proud of their palm tree solar street light and solar garden light, which are highly regarded in the industry today.

The company as a whole integrates research, production, sales, and service in order to become a leader in the field of photovoltaic technology, and has developed an extensive network of sales and service offices both in the domestic market and abroad.

There are more than 120 countries and more than 400 counties and cities in the world where the products are in use, and all of them are functioning properly.

2, Guangzhou Anern Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


The Guangzhou Anern Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Referred to as “Anern”) is a multiplex company based in Guangzhou, China. Through energy-saving technologies, efficient lighting, green energy, and international finance, Anern Industry Group Limited strives to improve the living environment and international cooperation, while providing scientific and technological innovation, energy application, and financial services. The company has a number of affiliated companies, such as Guangzhou Anern energy, Shenzhen Anern optoelectronics, and Zhongshan Zhongneng solar energy.

Anern solar company has a thorough understanding of customer needs and applies advanced technology and design into every lighting solution. As a result of strict controls over the manufacturing process and quality inspection, they ensure high productivity and high-quality products in their factory of 30,000 square meters; Their R&D team integrates the latest technology into every product design to provide strong technical support for customers’ customized needs. With their reliable quality products and excellent after-sales service, Anern has a solid reputation around the world.

3,Guangzhou Canmei Lighting Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Canmei Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of LED indoor lighting products (such as LED energy-saving lamps) without compromising on service quality. They have more than ten years of industry experience.

The products mainly include LED fluorescent tubes, LED ceiling lamps, LED bulbs, LED downlights and other LED energy-saving lamps, and these products are mostly used in commercial chains, hotels, supermarkets, and other commercial and industrial places. As a result of the company’s efforts, the company has been able to obtain CE, UL, PSE, ETL, RoHS, and other certifications for its products.

4, Yangzhou Liwei Lighting Electrical Co., Ltd.


Yangzhou Liwei Lighting Co., Ltd. is located in Yangzhou North Suburb Guoji, China’s first national historical and cultural city.

In addition to being rated as “qualified enterprise,” the company is also rated as “quality trustworthy enterprise.” Among the certifications the company has received are ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and CCC compulsory product certification, as well as certification from the China Quality Certification Center (CQC). Among its products are outdoor lighting pole cones shaped, adjustable rods, tapered steel rods for power transmission, traffic indicators, electrified railway lines, and bars.

There are many varieties, complete specifications, and high quality in die-casting lighting and electrical appliances, and they are widely welcomed by the market.

As part of the company’s business scope, high pole lights, garden lights, lanterns, lawns, landscapes, floodlights, traffic lights, and luxury square lighting equipment are also very important. Furthermore, we will push the new lighting environment and electronic financial control to the market. In line with “quality,” employees follow the quality policy of cultivating all kinds of talent germs.

5, Guangzhou Blueswift Electric Co., Ltd.


The Guangzhou Blueswift Electric Co., Ltd. has been developing and dealing with a wide range of lighting products, including LED outdoor lights, LED indoor lights, solar lights, and so on, for many years. As a full-line of high-tech production equipment manufacturer and a strong force in technology support, they have an outstanding array of engineering teams equipped with super industrial computer systems and are able to offer a wide range of advanced design services. Therefore, they offer products that are innovative in design, top quality in workmanship, and highly reliable in quality. They have a variety of products that have been certified by the “CE”, “Rohs,” and other international quality standards. The products are now being widely sold around the world in more than 82 countries and regions, especially in South America.