Best 5 Partial Home Staging companies 2023

Partial home staging is a method of preparing a home for sale which focuses on specific areas or rooms. Home staging can help make the house more appealing to prospective buyers, maximize its selling price, and sell it quicker than normal. For partial home staging, only certain sections of the home will be staged, such as the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and so on. This can give prospective buyers a better idea of how their desired furniture would look in the home.

Home staging is a technique used to improve the aesthetic appeal of a property for potential buyers. There are two main types of home staging: traditional and partial home staging.

Traditional Home Staging

Traditional home staging covers the entire house, with each room receiving a significant makeover to attract the most potential buyers. Lead by a professional, the process will involve de-cluttering and organizing, rearranging of furniture, adding artwork, improving and replacing fixtures and finishes, and more.

Partial Home Staging

Partial home staging involves focusing on specific rooms within the house that have the most impact on potential buyers such as the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. The areas that need improvement are addressed and customized for specific demographics or different living situations such as empty nesters or multi-generational homes.

Below are the best 5 Partial Home Staging companies 2023

1, Miashome


Mia has had a lot of experience as a senior UX designer, so she is the ideal candidate for home interior designers. She has worked for major Internet companies and won the ZCool 2018 Designer Award for her design works, and she is also a member of the Real Estate Staging Association. She is a former senior UX designer with a background in design.

Mia deeply understands the importance of the home environment on the potential purchase intention of buyers. As one of the staging companies in the San Jose area, Mia believes that allowing buyers to understand how a space is used will lead to better purchasing decisions. She believes that the interaction between the home and people will lead to different consumption impulses. A significant part of Mia’s belief is that by incorporating elements of various national cultures into the design, people from all walks of life can be able to enjoy a high-quality home environment equally.

2, Furnishandfinish


They have been styling homes for sale as well as for lifestyle purposes since 1999 with Furnish and Finish Property Styling. In Sydney and Brisbane, they are regarded as one of the leading property styling companies and their clients include property owners, agents, stylists, and developers. Through the use of stylish furnishings and creative design principles, they aim to maximize the value of your home.

The team consists of stylists, project managers, installers, administrators, and service staff with more than 40 years of experience. In order to style properties that appeal to a wide range of buyer tastes and requirements, this team understands the demographics and intricacies of the property market.

3, Homeedit


They are a home staging and design company that has a simple mission to follow: don’t be like the other home staging and design companies.

Home Edit makes it their mission to do the exact opposite, to create premium environments that are not staged, but are bespoke to your home, offering you an environment that is warm, fresh, and inviting. Spaces for real people, not mannequins. Spaces that are thoughtful and work, spaces that buyers can really picture themselves living in, and (just quietly) are prepared to spend top dollar on.

4, Homebase


As well as staging homes, Anthea and her team also design and style commercial spaces, style photo shoots for magazines and television, rent furniture for events, and assist homeowners who wish to stay in their own homes but need some professional styling tips. The Homebase team was selected to be part of TVNZ’s HOTEL SOS show in 2010. It really tested Anthea and her team’s design skills, which they passed with flying colors.

5, Homestaged


The home staging company, HomeStaged, is located in Wellington, where it offers a customised home staging service for anyone looking to sell their home, at an affordable price. As a leading styling and design company in the area, they pride theirselves on their ability to tailor their services to meet the specific needs of their clients, without breaking the bank.