Best 5 Laser Rangefinder manufacturers in China 2022

A laser rangefinder is an indispensable measurement device that comes in handy for construction work, renovations, finishing, in the military, forestry, sports, the power industry, hunting and agriculture, and everywhere else where quick and precise measurements of distance, angle, or slope need to be made. What exactly is a laser rangefinder, and how can you choose the right one for your needs?

As a tool for measuring both distance and spatial measurements, laser rangefinders are one of the most commonly used measurement tools. It’s not without reason for this that professionals prefer using laser rangefinders in their day-to-day work over optical and ultrasonic rangefinders.


Through their optoelectronic systems, laser rangefinders emit electromagnetic pulses in laser beams that reflect off the target’s surface and return to the rangefinder. Next, the rangefinder’s systems process the laser beam to determine the distance. Phase laser rangefinders use this method of measurement for measuring distance by comparing the travel time of EM waves emitted and reflected in two planes.

Laser-based distance measurement can also be done by directly measuring the length of time the pulse travels between the rangefinder and the target. This method is used with pulse laser rangefinders. Laser rangefinders can also measure distance using interferometric measurements. It is without a doubt the most precise and fastest method of measuring distance. However, interferometric rangefinders are expensive and easily damaged, which makes them unreliable in the field.

It is possible to measure distances both indoors and outdoors with laser rangefinders with an accuracy of 1 mm per kilometer, and professional construction laser rangefinders can measure distances up to 150 metres, while long-range rangefinders are capable of measuring up to 1500 metres. A lot of these rangefinders are used for hunting, agriculture, forestry, and road construction.

A number of laser rangefinders are available on the market today, and they are all very different from one another in terms of their design.

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Best 5 Laser Rangefinder manufacturers in China

Below we have listed the best 5 Laser Rangefinder manufacturers in China 2022.

1, Erdilaser Laser Rangefinder manufacturer


In Chengdu High-tech Zone, Sichuan, China, Erdi Laser Ltd is located in the Industrial Park of Chengdu High-tech Zone. It is committed to the research and development of 1535nm erbium glass, small/miniature laser systems for high reliability and high power, laser signal detection, laser signal amplification technologies, and related ranging and photometry technologies. A laser core device manufacturer that specializes in R&D, production, and intelligent manufacturing of laser systems and laser core devices in the optoelectronic field is able to accomplish independent production of the entire optical, mechanical, and electrical design, R&D, and manufacturing process, as well as the achievement of mature technology support for the entire production chain to ensure a high level of product quality and perfection. As part of the company’s technical services, we have secured dozens of patents, obtained ISO9001 quality system certification, 3AAA certification of honesty and credibility, European CE certification, and American FDA certification. A comprehensive service system has been established, as well as a partnership has been established.

2, Henan Bosean Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


In 2013, Bosean was established. After more than five years of development, this company is positioned as the top enterprise in the instrument measurement line which integrates independent research, design, production, and sales of gas detection instruments, laser ranging instruments, and other testing instruments. In addition to being widely used by individuals, families, and businesses, our products are also widely approved by a wide range of organizations.

Founded by a young team with professional skills, quality, and efficiency, the Bosean company has a manufacturing base that integrates R&D, design, and production. With an area of approximately 2,000 square meters, the company sells its products in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.

3, Changzhou Nuomi Electron Technology Co., Ltd.


As a comprehensive laser ranging company, Changzhou Nuomi Electron Technology Co.,Ltd. integrates research, development, production, and sales. The company has 6,000 square meters of professional production workshops and independent research and development experimental centers, ensuring continuous and stable support and guarantee for new product development, production, and upgrading quality and market sales. With 10 years of opto-electronic research and development experience, it’s team will build a high-quality laser range finder with its own technology.

In addition to sales management, they have channel management experience and customer resources. Their company will rely on advanced technology, high-quality quality management, scientific business philosophy, rapid market response, fast and professional customer service, and a nationwide sales network to provide efficient and rapid market response. Create value for customers by meeting their needs fully.

4, Shenzhen Noyafa Electronic Co., Ltd.


NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is a manufacturer founded in 2006 and based in Shenzhen, China. Providing cable testers, wire trackers, fiber testers, laser distance meters, CCTV testers, and other test equipment, NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is one of the largest manufacturers of test equipment in China.

As a result of years of development, the company has established a wealth of experience in sales and after-sales service team. Manufacturers and users have formed a very high reputation for the products they offer. At present, their products are exported to all over the world, especially to Europe, Asian….

5, E-Sky Technology Limited


Since 2005, E-Sky Technology Limited has been specializing in waterproof digital cameras and outdoor hunting trail cameras. In addition, they are ISO 9001:8000 and BSCI approved, and they have over 300 experienced and passionate production staff (including 15 experienced R&D engineers). All of their products have passed CE, FCC & RoHS certificates. With their professional product knowledge and foreign business experience, they can save you money and time.