Best 5 Food Service Casters factories in 2023

Food service casters provide the vital service of sliding and maneuverability in food service operations and other activities. By providing mobility and ease-of-use, they are integral in helping to keep commercial kitchens organized and running smoothly.

Food service casters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles and offer several advantages which make them an invaluable necessity in any kitchen. First, casters are designed with a wheel installed on a swiveling mount. This wheel lets users move objects quickly and with precision.

The smooth rolling motion of wheels, coupled with the swivel base for easy turning, enable quick movement and reduces strain when pushing heavy service carts—improving ease of use and flow of food preparation, particularly over long distances and throughout busy restaurants.

Casters also aid in making commercial kitchens more efficient, allowing essential kitchen tools such as stoves, sinks and refrigeration units to be placed in convenient locations, while still giving staff members the possibility to move the items easily when cleaning or rearranging the work area. This increased efficiency helps promote safety and order in the kitchen and across the restaurant.

Additionally, there is also variety of caster fitting options available depending on the application. By taking into consideration what type of flooring you are using (hardwood, tile, or carpet) and equipment being used (trolleys, tables and chairs), there is certainly a set of casters available to handle each unique situation.

To sum up, the advantages that food service casters provide to commercial kitchens is immeasurable. Without them, it would be extremely difficult for this industry to operate efficiently, effectively and safely. Whether you need light-duty single-wheel models to move supplies around the kitchen, or heavy-duty, dual-wheeled designs to transport bulky carts, casters are essential components to any food operation.

Below are the best 5 Food Service Casters factories in 2023

1, Gogocasters





For over 41 years, the Gogo Caster Company has been one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality casters and materials handling products, providing businesses with a wide variety of high-quality casters and materials handling products, covering a wide range of industries in the food service industry, medical supply industry, as well as other sectors as well.

By using its own technology, GOGO Caster has developed next-generation casters that have been customized to meet the needs of its customers at a speed that is fast enough to meet the deadlines, exceeding the expectations of these customers.

2, Hangzhou Gravity Caster Technology Co., Ltd.





Founded in 1989, Hangzhou Gravity Caster Technology Co., Ltd is one of China’s leading manufacturers of customized polyurethane and rubber wheels, 68 years after being established. This has become a century-old company. Through decades of painstaking management, Gravity has achieved breakthrough achievements in the industry through decades of painstaking management. Their products are renowned for their excellent performance and long service life, and have a good reputation among consumers. Over 60 countries around the world are supplied with Gravity products.

By designing unique polyurethane blends that are unique to the industry, they are able to achieve the highest levels of performance and longevity for their products. In addition to providing their clients with design and engineering support, their firm excels at solving a variety of problems. In addition to producing high-quality polyurethane wheels, they also manufacture rubber wheels, hardware frames and other components of high quality.

3, Foshan Shunde Goldmine Fittings Co., Ltd.




Goldmine Fittings Co., Ltd, was established in February 2006 and they specialize in producing plastic and metal furniture accessories. The workshop occupies an area of 8,000 square meters, with a workshop for tooling, a workshop for plastic injections, a workshop for metal stampings, a workshop for painting plastic handles, two production lines, two testing machines, etc., as well as nearly 100 qualified employees. The main areas of their business include furniture casters, industrial casters, leg levelers, adjust legs, adjustable feet, cabinet adjustable legs, cabinet hangers, bed hinges, handles, and other furniture fittings. They have a monthly production capacity of more than 20 containers per month.

4, Zhongshan Dajin Caster Manufacturing Co., Ltd.





Founded in 2007, Zhongshan Dajin caster Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of casters and wheels, recognized as the global leader in environmental and noiseless caster wheels. Dajin has been involved in researching and manufacturing for over 10 years.

The company currently has a complete professional production line for punching, welding, bending, injection molding, electroplating, assembling, and testing. Using new environmental raw materials, all of their products are made according to strict quality standards and international environmental standards, making them perfect for food service trolleys and medical equipment.

5, Guangzhou Ylcaster Metal Co., Ltd.



The Guangzhou YLcaster Metal Co., Ltd., established in 1997, has become one of the most famous manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of casters and hand trolleys in China today. The company covers an area of 35,000 square meters in Yangjiang city, Guangdong province, and employs around 250 employees engaged in innovation, creation, and production with more than 20 experts.