Best 5 cnc tube bending machine manufacturers in China 2023

In the past, metal manufacturing plants required technicians to manually bend small-diameter tubes, which often resulted in incorrect measurements, poor angles, and cosmetic flaws.

The good news for us today is that we have come a long way from those days. Nowadays, we can bend tubes to exact measurements using machines that have been designed to perform the job flawlessly. These machines are commonly known as CNC tube bending machines (or CNC tube benders).

What is Tube Bending?

One of the most commonly used fabrication methods is tube bending, which involves bending tubes permanently by bending them. Regardless of the situation, bent tubes are more useful than straight tubes. There are many instruments that require bent tubes, including stair railings, handles, trombones, furniture frames, air conditioning equipment, automotive parts, and much more.

Fittings for tubes and pipes are in the form of bent tubes, which are used for changing the direction of conduits for gases and fluids in exhaust systems, hydraulic lines, pipelines, etc.

It is possible to bend tubes at a much higher temperature than room temperature by using hot or cold tube bending techniques. The latter uses heat energy for the process. When bending a tube, nearly two points are fixed at the beginning, and then a rotating roller, die, or press enforces the bend.

Tube bending can take either a freeform or a form-bound approach. The tubing material experiences tensile and compressive forces as the tooling advances towards it. A tube’s bending outcome depends on a variety of factors, including the tooling, tubing material, lubrication, pressure applied, and the bending geometry to be used.

Other fabrication processes include deburring, cutting, slotting, notching, and welding, along with tube bending to make various products and assemblies out of the straight tube.

How Does A CNC Tube Bending Work?

CNC refers to computer numerical control. CNC tube bending machines work well with computers for controlling the hydraulic system and mechanical parts. In addition, it eliminates confusion surrounding bending techniques every time. The machine guarantees constant bending and precise dimensions.

The following five components play a major role in the clean, precise bending of tubes on CNC tube benders:

  • The bend die determines the radius of the bend by a round part.
  • Clamp die: As the bend die rotates, the clamp grips the tube to hold it in place.
  • Wiper dies:In the inside area of the bend, this part prevents wrinkles from forming.
  • Interlock mandrel: To prevent wrinkles inside the bend, this perishable part works with the wiper die.
  • Pressure die: Tubes need to be bent accurately, so a significant part applies pressure to them.
  • These factors work together to produce the perfect bend according to the computer’s specifications.

 3D automatic NC CNC square tube pipe bending machine

Below we have listed the best 5 cnc tube bending machine manufacturers in China 2023.

1, Maquinaria-y-equipo Tube Bending Machine Manufacturer


A leading manufacturer of CNC tube bending machines in China, Yansumi Machinery is the brand of metal forming machines from Chongqing Popular Motor Machinery Electronic Co.,Ltd. The CNC tube bending machine, metal punching machine, and roller bending machine they manufacture are widely used by a variety of industries, including mobile, shipbuilding, boiler, fitness equipment, bicycles, three-wheel motorcycles, furniture, and door and window manufacturing.

In addition to cnc tube bending machines, we also offer hydraulic cnc tube bending machines, 3 axis cnc tube bending machines, 4 axis cnc tube benders and 5 axis cnc tube benders. Their CNC tube bending machines can bend tubes from 16 mm to 170 mm and can meet production requirements of different products. The products of CNC tube bending machines have high accuracy and can be used in a wide variety of production processes. High-speed automatic production can be achieved with the CNC tube bender and other automatic machines.

2, Nantong Super Machinery Co., Ltd.


As a global supplier, They provide press brakes and shears, hydraulic presses, light pole production lines, laser cutting machines, rolling machines, and a variety of process equipment solutions. They have exported our products to over 30 countries.

In the past, Super has adhered to the management concept of “sincerity, quality, and service” and strictly implemented the international quality management system ISO9001, considering quality its life, insisting on the tenet that reform and innovation ensure the enterprise’s long-term viability, thereby creating opportunities for future growth and gaining wide recognition from all walks of life.

3, Almaco Machine Tool Co., Ltd.


As one of the main partner members of China Jiangsu International Economic-Technical Cooperation Corporation, SJR Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984. The company is capable of manufacturing more than 80 types of machines, such as lathes, mills, grinders, power presses, hydraulic guillotines, hydraulic press brakes, CNC and automotive machines, and other similar products.

The range they offer is currently exported to more than 40 countries and they supply customers such as CPI (USA), Machine Services Co., (UK), SAYES, (UAE) and S & W (Singapore) with their products. Besides that, they at SJR Machinery Co., Ltd., work hard to provide our clients with the best possible products at competitive prices.

4, Jiangsu Hoston Machine Tools Co., Ltd.


Jingjiang, Jiangsu Province is the location of Hoston Machine Tools, which was established in 2009. The company specializes in the research, development, production, and service of metal forming and processing machines, high-precision fabrication equipment, and pipe processing equipment in Mainland China. From manufacturing to trading, they offer a wide range of services.

Providing excellent customer service and strict quality control are our top priorities. As well as qualified sales representatives, their highly-trained service professionals are available to meet your needs and ensure complete customer satisfaction at all times. They have established excellent trade relationships with customers around the world as a result of their commitment to providing the highest quality products and the best services.

5, Accurl Cnc Machine(anhui) Manufactory Co., Ltd.


ACCURL is a well-known manufacturer of metal sheet equipments in the world market. Its brand “Accurl” has been one of the leading brand in the field of international metal sheet equipments for many years. Their group is dedicated to the development of new products, production, and sales.

They are mainly concerned with the following sheet metal processing equipments: CNC Press Brake, CNC Shearing Machine, and CNC Punch Press. They use advanced technology derived from Germany, Japan, and Italy. They are capable of producing large hydraulic presses and press brakes with a tonnage exceeding 16000 tones and 16 meters. Their R&D team is highly skilled, and they are capable of designing and manufacturing world-class products.