All you need to know about Metal Spinning – Read to find out more!

Introduction to Metal Spinning

Metal parts can be altered to various shapes and forms, using different procedures. One of the very famous processes is called metal spinning. In this process the metal parts can be changed to circular, cylindrical, conical or conic shapes. In short, the metal parts can be altered to any shape that we want to. This is a cold forming process usually. Metal spinning does not include removal or elimination of any material, but only molding or making of a metal sheet on an already existing form or shape.

Metal spinning companies
Metal spinning companies

Metal spinning is usually used to form or mould different types of metal parts for commercial uses or applications. Metal spinning companies prefer this operation as it reduces costs of creating various parts. You may find a lot of products at your home which would have gone through the metal spinning procedure. These include cookware, cylinders, bells, some brass and steel products etc.

Dinnovation metal spinning
Dinnovation metal spinning

Tools used in Metal Spinning

Metal spinning includes a variety of procedures and tools. One of the most common tools is the ‘spoon’. The tools for spinning can be made from hardened steel to use them with aluminum. Brass can also be used for mild steel and stainless steel. Some tools are used to spin on the bearings during the forming process of spinning. This increases the tool life by heating the tool and reducing the friction. This will be of great benefit as it will give a longer life and a smoother finish to the surface of the part. Rotating tools are used for CNC spinning procedures. These may be coated with a ceramic film, which in turn prolongs the life of the tools.

Commercially, metal spinning companies use rollers for the metal spinning process. These rollers can vary with respect to thickness and diameter depending on the use. When the rollers are wide, the surface is smoother. Thin rollers are used to form cylindrical objects or parts with small radius. This means the rollers that you choose are very important in deciding the parts that would be made out of them. Handheld cutters are used for cutting the metal, which are usually a foot long, with sharpened files attached.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Spinning

There are various advantages and disadvantages to metal spinning. It is one of the fastest procedures to carry out as compared to the other processes. It is also very cost effective in comparison to the other procedures and techniques. The tools machinery and the equipments that are required to carry out the procedure are also very cheap, feasible and cost efficient. One of the biggest disadvantages or a problem that you can encounter in this procedure is a dent or a crack on the objects or the parts you have manufactured. In this case, the part needs to be scrapped. This would not only be a costly affair but also a nightmare you do not want to entertain.

Apart from the various pros and cons, it is also advisable to check out the various other procedures or techniques by which metal spinning can take place. Some of them include forging, stamping and hydroforming. They may turn out to be costlier in contrast to the usual metal spinning process, but each of them has advantages of their own. Choosing another process will totally depend on the goal and the budget that one will decide. Nonetheless, all the procedures are very effective when it comes to metal spinning.

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