All you need to know about LED Strips

China LED strip is a lighting device utilized in sign letter lighting, architectural lighting, perimeter lighting, concealed lighting and several other applications as a substitute for less efficient and older technologies like fluorescent, incandescent, neon or halogen lighting and they are two times as bright as other beautification alternatives like rope lighting fixtures.


Types of LED strips

Strip lights are one amongst the fastest growing sections of the LED market. There are various subcategories that fall under this category.

Rigid strips

They come without or with waterproof protection and have PCB board finishing and are covered with aluminum or plastic backside. It uses older technologies like mounted diodes or high power SMD.

Flexible strips

They mostly have an adhesive tape at the back and they make use of SMD mounting technology [various options depending on the power] or older LED technologies. Since their mounting base is stretchy, you can install them in several areas and they provide another added advantage when compared to rigid strips’ you can cut them as per your wish and interconnect or reattach if required, using Fast connectors or soldering at the marked spots.

Flexible lighting solution

LED strips from are a flexible lighting solution that is equipped with meeting the intricacies produced by the most compound lighting projects. It was even used to generate a customized snowsuit for a short film. While your project may not as demanding it is yet significant to find the best strip lights that help create the ideal effects that you want. Whether installing a front window display in your shop or putting accent lighting to your stairwell, the strip lights should have the ability to offer you the right type and amount of lighting for the project.

You can cut LED strips to particular lengths since they are a linear-based source of light. Though you can cut it yourself, it is easier to get the help of an expert electrician to have it done for you. On the other hand, you can forward the measurements to your retailer and they will have it cut for you before dispatching it to you.

Various brightness levels

China LED lights manufacturer offers various LED strips that come in several brightness levels. The strip’s brightness is determined by the number and size of LEDs present on the strip. The larger and more LEDs you possess, the brighter the strip is bound to be. Here are some guidelines to help you know which strips are appropriate for which purposes.

If you are on the lookout for illuminating an enclosed area, like the cabinet’s inside or a shelf’s underneath, it is suggested that you use a low brightness LED strip. If you wish to add accent lighting to the kitchen cabinet’s underside or behind furniture, it is recommended that you use a strip that has mid-range brightness. You need to make use of a high-brightness LED strip for commercial applications and wherever you need the strip to be visible.


Besides the brightness, you also require selecting the LED strip’s colour as well. The strips come in 3 major colours. Cool white and warm white are different white light hues, also known as colour temperatures. Warm white is the typical incandescent coloured light that has around 3000K Kelvin rating. It is suitable for home applications and wherever you wish to produce a soft light. On the other hand, cool White is daylight, bright white colour that has a Kelvin rating of 6000K. The light is more defined and is appropriate for indirect illumination and accent lighting.

LED strips are accessible in RGB format as well. Every LED blends, green, red and blue light in altering quantities to form a wide range of colours. The LED strips are controlled using a remote and they can be set to dynamic or static modes. You need to select this particular light if you wish to have a light scheme that you can change by just touching a button. After choosing the strips, you require finding the essential peripheral to start the lighting process. Do’s and Don’ts of LED strips


LED strips that you buy from several accessories manufacturer are attractive and alluring for people who find the clean brightness of LED lights irresistible since they perform a good job in furnishing a place in the best possible way. As far as any good thing is concerned, there are some do’s and don’ts on treating the new LED strip lights too. You have to treat them gently so that they can last for quite a long time and keep things illuminated in the right way. You just need to be concerned about how many individuals are going to ask you where you bought these strips, rather than having to be bothered about if the LED lights are worn out or if you happen to snap the strip hard. These easy steps can help the strips last for as long as they can. Just like all LED lights, the strips possess the ability to be durable and look good, so you just need to treat them with great care and not do anything too harsh to help uphold their lifespan.