About sandwich panel manufacturer and Runxin brand

What are wall panels and different kinds of use:-

Wall panels are usually of flat structure which is cut into rectangular pieces that are used as the exposed covering for the wall. They are functional and decorative as well, which provides insulation as well as soundproofing. It also features uniformity in the appearance part along with which it also provides ease of replaceability and a good measure of durability. There isn’t any particular size limit for any piece. But there is a maximum practical size that is determined for every piece and that is 24 inches by 8 feet. The pieces of such practical sized pieces are allowed to transport.

The wall panels are used as they reduce the construction cost. It provides with a consistent appearance for the panelled surface which is the reason why there is no need for painting or usage of any other finishing materials. Well, the finishing surface is needed at one end of the panel i.e the surface which will be exposed outside and can be seen properly. Other sides of the panel don’t really require smooth surfaces as they will be attached to the brocks or concrete part of the wall or any comparable structure. There can be a different kind of wall which can be created by assembling an appropriate framework with the usage of wall panels.

Wall panels might also consist of holes which can be done using drill and cuts that give away to an outlet which is appropriate for electrical outlets or for connection of any other devices attached to the wall. With the development of technologies, various kinds of wall panels are invented and are taken into consideration for construction purposes. There is a new kind of wall panel which is considered as eco-friendly 3 D wall panel which is made up of various fibrous residues of sugarcane. Sugarcane stalks are initially crushed and the fibers are collected which are the remains after the raw sugar is extracted. The extraction process of raw sugar is done by shredding off the sugarcane. The raw material is also known as bagasse which is counted as the base of the eco-friendly wall panel which is easy to install.

Cement wall panels:-

There are various kinds of wall panels that one can get from online manufacturers and websites those who offer good deals on such panels. Runxin offers various kinds of high-quality cement sandwich panels. It is considered as a trusted wall panel offering manufacturing company. They offer Lightweight EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel, which is considered as very light weighted energy-saving material used for wall panel and are composed of exterior panels as well as core filled interior. These are the reasons why it is light weighted as well as non-load bearing wall panel. There is a 5mm board of calcium silicate which is used on the either side of the exterior panels.





Polystyrene beads, as well as cement or else ceramsite, are used as fillers in the core part of the middle section of the wall panel pieces. The best part of having EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel is that they are easy for assembling and disassembling which is the main reason behind its efficiency nature and the reason for its economic benefits. Other features associated with these panels are that they are water-resistant and fireproof as well as make it easier to decorate it and fast building. They are also considered as soundproof and offers thermal insulation and are also flexible thus making them durable. It helps to reduce the construction waste to the maximum extent and helps with the normal operation activities. The wall panels of EPS are used as the exterior and interior wall as well as roof and floor. It can be used as a fence for a residential house or commercial building.

Runxin is considered as one of the trusted Sandwich Wall Panel manufacturers who offer the best wall panels for any concrete structures, including renovation plans for kitchens, basements, garages, residences or factory warehouse as well as luxurious villas.

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