7 Secret Things Which You Should Care When You Buy A Car Insurance


7 Secret Things Which You Should Care When You Buy A Car Insurance

Getting cheap insurance quotes is not a difficult task. You can save up money on car insurance, yet most of the people like to continue availing the services of their existing insurer as it is not an easy decision to change the insurer.

Most of the car drivers are making the mistake of not performing car insurance comparison and getting their car insured. what they tend to do is to accept the renewal quotes of their current insurer, which are even higher than before, costing a lot to their pockets.

Good News for Car Insurers

The good news for all those looking for car insurance is that you can now get cheap car insurance quotes with a simple mechanism within 5 minutes!

With car insurance comparison websites, you can compare different policies, their quotes, the number of covers offered and information regarding the insurer to have an idea of the best price and quality. This helps in getting the right estimates to talk about with your current insurer and negotiate the prices.

Secret Things to Take Care of When Performing Car Insurance Comparison

No matter which age group or gender you belong to, there are numerous ways to cut down the overall costs of insurance and lower the premiums. All you need is to take care of a few things and you are all set to go!

Here are the simple secret things you should keep in mind when choosing your car insurer:

1. Shop for the best car insurance option available

When buying car insurance, you can save your money if you shop around for renewing your existing cover. All you need is to be careful and make sure you are comparing the same level of cover. Having the same level of cover makes it easier when you have to make a claim.

You can hand over all the hard work to online comparison sites, filling your details and simply checking out the prices that come up with each search. You can also enter the excess you can pau and the drive mileage to receive new quotes.

2. Avoid adding too many names on the policy

Don’t try to put up anyone in need to drive your car on the policy. Only the regular drivers should be named on the policy.

3. Secure the no-claims bonus

The best way to cut down the insurance costs is to protect your no-claim bonus. Any no-claim bonus, when secured for long, can help you get massive discounts. For protecting it you might need to pay some extra money but in the end, it’s worth it.


Keep in mind that no-claim bonus definition can vary from insurers to insurers. Always check the policy carefully as some terms that are insured in one policy might not be covered in another one.

4. Secure your car first

Try to increase your involuntary excess as this can help to recover costs if you are not at fault during an accident. When you are willing to pay more for accident repairs, this automatically lowers the cost of premiums. This doesn’t mean to get tempted to allow damage to getting high amounts for your lower value car.

When you get an alarm or tracking device fitted in your car, you are more likely to get a discount of nearly 5%. Though the cars now come with these features as standard, still you need to check if you are having them or not, and then declare them.

5. Do fewer miles

If you reduce the driving mileage, you can save money. However, making any claim, you need to be honest as any inaccuracy can lead to trouble. Also, when making a claim, you can save money if you use your vehicle to drive to work or for business purposes.

6. Be careful when adding new or young drivers

If you own a large or high-priced vehicle, adding a young driver to your policy might be e a wrong approach. Young drivers can affect your premium as they don’t have a no-claims bonus yet. There are many parents who insure their cars with their child’s name to cut costs, which is totally a misconception.

The model of the car you are using matters a lot. You need to check out with your insurer about what significance is your car’s model going to cost on the premium. There are different sporty cars that have high premiums. Also, a different engine or model can make a difference and save you even on petrol.

7. Remember your garage too, and be a better driver

Clean out all the mess away from your garage if it’s full of useless things so that you can easily utilize it for your cars. Taking care of your car and keeping it in garages overnight is liked by many of the insurers and this can result in cutting your premium too. This also saves your car from ice in winter.


When you keep your car on the road, there are higher chances of theft. Keeping your car in the garage, you can also mention it in your application to avail better premium.

There are different policies where you can install certain systems in your car too, for monitoring your driving continuously. The reason why it is important to monitor your driving is that the drivers who drive carefully are likely to earn rewards. In this manner, you can check out your speed and how carefully are you making the use of the accelerator and the brakes.

This lets you have a better idea of how careful you are as a driver. Being a good driver is what makes you eligible for availing even more discounts on your premium.


While buying any car, you need to take care of a few things that can further help you in getting good insurance quotes.

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